Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Punch Bag

Combat sports have always been viewed as a dangerous sport. This is rather peculiar for someone who doesn’t know anything about it since it is just a close-contact sport. There are no obstacles nor other hazards that you might encounter. It is just an arena, and all the players are already inside.

However, the real danger lies with the other person in that arena with you. Exchanging blows with another human being might have been romanticized by movies and literature as something that you can take and ignore afterward. As per this link, the reality is so much different. 

Fortunately, you do not have to play with another person to train for combat. Your end goal might be the real thing, but you do not have to face that all the time. You can get other tools that can help you practice the sport.

Whether it is Muay Thai, boxing, or taekwondo, there is always room for this specific tool for everyday practice. Each sport might have their version, but the function stays the same. It is something that you are going to hit a lot of times, and that is going to be your exercise. However, your choice of a bag will always matter.

Practice for Your Skill

Some people think that this is an exercise in futility. What good could come from hitting an inanimate object? However, they fail to realize that you cannot just have anyone to train with you all the time.

Also, these people need to have a background in a sport before you can start sparring with them. This is to promote safety and better training amongst those who are involved. It is also a great exercise, and you can gauge the strength and power of your hits. Therefore, having the best bag matters a lot.

Several options might be presented upon you while you are searching for the best punching bag. There are factors to ponder upon before doing so, and they would be relevant to your final choice.

One mistake might not break your experience, but it can affect your overall training in the end. It is essential to look for a specific bag before trying to buy anything. For example, free standing punching bags are in their category compared to mounted ones. You may need to research more about it if you are not sure of what you want. 

punching bag for fitness

Choosing the Right Bag For You

  1. Purpose

As mentioned before, particular bags are used in specific ways. For sports, most of them are interchangeable, but they also have their uses. For example, you can use bags for both boxing and Muay Thai. You can use one for punching and kicking at the same time.

However, if you want to be able to reach higher, you need to train with smaller but higher mounted ones like teardrops. It can be a good exercise for faster punching as well. On the other hand, the more common options are more versatile. 

  • Size

Another thing that you need to focus on is the size. As mentioned before, some bags are great for heavier punches. The massive choices are the ones commonly seen in gyms and home use.

You can use them in almost every way possible and train for any kind of combat sport. Kicking, punching, and body blocks can be practiced from this bag. Meanwhile, the smaller ones are for speed and accuracy. This is important for boxing as you need to hit hard and fast. 

  • Filling

Most punching bags tend to be already filled up. They might be heavier, but you do not need to think about filling it up anymore. Most of them are also calibrated to be able to handle almost any type of player. If you get the higher quality punching bags, then you can be confident of its value and longevity.

On the other hand, you can fill it up by yourself so that you can make it as firm or as lose as you want. Just remember not to make it too loose or too filled up as this defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.

  • Exterior Material

This will always depend on your preference. The best ones in the market are usually made with pure leather. These are the ones that last long and can easily handle heavier hits for a long time. Meanwhile, you can also get the more affordable but synthetic leather that the mainstream sellers would provide.

These are great options if you want to save, but they are not as durable. Canvas and plastic are your other options, but they can be rare and far in between. Your choice of material should also coincide with the filling that you want.