Erowid Kratom – What Erowid Really Thinks About Kratom in 2020

If you want to simply just cut to the chase about what Erowid thinks about Kratom also known as mitragyna speciosa, I would say that if Erowid had a rating system, it would be safe to assume they would give Kratom a 10/10. If you want to find out why then trust me, this blog is worth the read.

When Kratom also known as mitragyna speciosa was first introduced to the United States and Europe, it was hailed for its ability to help reduce opioid withdrawal effects. So it’s no shock that a website like Erowid, which promotes the spread of accurate information about drugs, plants, and herbs, would pick up a special interest in all the wonderful benefits of Kratom.

So what is Kratom mitragyna speciosa ? Kratom is a plant that grows naturally in marshy regions in Asia and the Pacific Rim, especially Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, and New Guinea. The Kratom belongs to the Rubiacaea family and its genus and species are mitragyna speciosa according to its botanical classification. Most of its sub-strains get their unique and exotic names from these regions. Its been around since about 1836 when it was first used.

Erowid Kratom “Experience Easy and Consistent”

One of Erowid’s blog writers tried Kratom at several different dosages over time and his overall thoughts were that “In low doses, Kratom can be beneficial. Only in higher doses is this plant unpleasant. When taken responsibly, Kratom mitragyna speciosa could be just the ‘spice of life’ you’re looking for. It will give you that extra pep and care of joint and muscle pain…Kratom is fascinating because of how different dosages affect my body in vastly different ways.”

Kratom Dosage by Erowid

As a beginner, you should always start off with the lowest dosage just to be able to get a feel of what the effects are like and how your body reacts to it. The more you begin to take it the more your body gets used to it and as your tolerance begins to increase, you should start increasing the doses you take.

The Kratom dosage that Erowid gives is based on if you are taking it in its crushed up dried leaf form and not as a powder or capsule.

Now as a new user, if you’re drinking the dried leaves in a tea you would want to start off with a teaspoon of the dried leaf which is usually between 1.5 and 2.0 grams.

I can not stress enough the importance of taking the proper dosage. If you start off with too high of an amount you can experience some unpleasant and unnecessary effects. Some common side effects are nausea, dysphoria, and vomiting which are likely to occur when taking stronger doses, especially if you are new to using Kratom.

Take it from me, my first time trying kratom I did not measure out how much I was taking at all and thought I would be fine with just eyeballing it. I immediately began feeling all those symptoms and it was not fun.

Second time around I defiantly learned my lesson. All I took was 1.5 grams of green kratom powder and the effects were unlike anything I’ve tried before. It felt as if there was nothing in my system but I could feel myself being way more alert and focused on my work. Almost like drinking an energy drink, but replace the jittery feeling with a feeling of body and mind relaxation.

If you drink Kratom tea, then it usually takes about 5-15 minutes for the onset of the effects. The total duration where the effects are the strongest is between 2-5 hours. And the normal after-effects which are kind of the lingering effects at a subtler state can last about 3-6 hours.

If you wanted the effects to last longer then you can always take another dosage of the tea towards the end of the total duration mark so that the effects can stay strong consistently.

It is also important to know that there are serval different strains and types of Kratom mitragyna speciosa leaves and powders, so dosages and effects can vary depending on the potency because some can have higher strengths than others or more specific effects.

Types of Kratom (infographic?)

Red Vein Kratom– Red kratom is actually the best selling and most widely available strain of kratom on the market. Red vein leaves are great for beginners because it produces a pleasant calming effect.

Because of how well it works as a relaxer it can help you give you peace of mind and a feeling of optimism which in turn can help with sleep for people with insomnia. Red vein is known to relax the body and relieve pain and is taken more as a sedative.

White Vein Kratom – White vein is kind of like the counterpart to the red vein. It is more potent than the red vein or green vein. This kratom is known as a stimulant and positive mood enhancer.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to get high from kratom, Erowid talks about how if kratom is taken at high dosages can produce an almost euphoric kratom high and this is defiantly the strain that makes that high possible. White veins are the most stimulating and euphoric of all kratom strains.

But more specifically, White Thai kratom is increasingly taken instead of coffee or any other form of caffeine drinks for alertness, concentration, and even cheerfulness. Because of its energizing effects, it’s perfect for long workdays, giving you that extra kick of motivation and stamina.

Green Vein Kratom– Green Vein Kratom is honestly the perfect balance of red and white kratom strains. This is the strain I mentioned earlier that helped me stay alert and focus without any type of jitteriness or loss of concentration.

As an added bonus, green kratom can even help with social fears. Because you’re so relaxed but also hyper-focused, it gives you this feeling of confidence that you can get anything done which really manifests itself in social interactions. The green vein is known to be very popular in settings of social gatherings or going out at night.

Kratom Effects by Erowid (Infographic?)

In Erowid’s research on Kratom , they found that the effects of Kratom use are described as being a combination of both stimulation and sedation. The stimulatory effects may be shorter in duration and the sedation effects come on faster and fading away sooner. Effects are also extremely dependent on the amount you take, but the best part is that kratom is totally natural which only makes me feel more comfortable and safe using it.

Visual Effects

Visual effects usually aren’t intense and fairly mild but not very common. These visuals can happen both open-eye and closed-eye. Some visual effects you might feel include wavering, shifting, and strobing in the visual field.

Stimulation and Relaxation

Stimulant effects happen earlier and at lower doses, with sedative effects kick in later and at higher doses. It’s almost a contradicting feeling because you both stimulated and sedated at the same time which is very common.


Improvements in mood, ranging from mild to gushing euphoria, are common.

Sociability and empathy

Kratom can remove common social fears that hold people back. You become more talkative which makes it easier to connect with others. If you take Kratom regularly but at a lower dose than you will notice this effect on a normal day to day basis.

Reduction of opioid withdrawal symptoms

Kratom is also known as mitragyna speciosaand it almost feels like a drug at times because of the euphoria people feel on it but it’s completely natural so it’s a safer alternative for those trying to kick other addictions out of their lives.

On a much smaller scale as an example, it is like replacing soda with flavored water to reduce your sugar and caffeine consumption. The flavored water gives you the same great taste that makes you satisfied but it’s all naturally flavored by fruits.

Pro-sexual, aphrodisiac qualities

Some report mildly increased sexuality and prolonged intercourse.


At higher doses kratom use can help you fall asleep faster and have a more rested sleep because of how relaxed it makes your body and mind feel, thus inducing sedation. You’re also more likely to have pleasant and vivid dreams.


People often prefer Kratom as opposed to other over the counter medicines or stronger pharmaceuticals because of how well it works for pain relief and management

Now that you have some of Erowid’s background information on Kratom use, I bet you’re wondering what type of other substances can Kratom be mixed with?

One of the things I love about Erowid is that is shares in-depth stories of their experiences using the product and how they felt. On top of that, the stories are from all different types of users that give their background story and why they tried Kratom, so you really get the perspective of several different viewpoints and lifestyles. But the ending conclusion is all the same. They love Kratom!

What does Erowid think of mixing kratom and alcohol?

One blog writer for Erowid shared his experience of taking kratom and alcohol at the same time and overall stated it was a wonderful experience. He reported taking low amounts of kratom and alcohol and felt hyper-Focus and clarity on everything he was doing along with a stimulating body sensation where everything just felt good.

In his blog “I was in the Zone,” he said that music sounded more enjoyable, comedy was funnier, and even had some light visuals when closing his eyes to go to sleep, but most importantly sex was phenomenal. He stated that he woke up feeling significantly more relaxed and well-rested and with no feeling of a hangover.

Now even though this user had a safe experience, when mixing any type of substances together there should always be caution and control of the amount taken because different doses can affect everyone differently. It’s always best to start off small and see how your body reacts.

Erowid on Phenibut and Kratom

Phenibut is a drug that was designed for symptoms of anxiety and much like Kratom, it helps relax your mind and body to appease these symptoms. But for the most part, Erowid users mainly used Phenibut as a substitute for kratom and not really the two of them together.

One user who did combine the two said he felt extremely relaxed and at peace but almost sedated and because of that there was no productivity in his day. He recommended using the two only if you have nothing else planned for the day

Xanax and Kratom by Erowid

Xanax is another sedative used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. When a big-time Kratom user and Erowid writer mixed the two together at some fairly mild doses the experience was very brief.  He reported not feeling much other than tiredness and drowsiness.

Overall it seems that mixing one sedative with another isn’t going to bring on any euphoric feelings and it’s mainly just going to make you want to go to bed.

Kratom and Weed by Erowid

One user’s experience went from incredible to unpleasant. He and his wife started off with low doses of kratom and then after a while took some hits of 24% THC Cannabis. He reported feeling dreamlike, relaxed, but not tired, and no pain along with a body buzz. But then he and his wife both began taking more hits and more grams of kratom and that’s when they both began throwing up, feeling nauseous and clammy.

It seems that their mistake was taking more when they were already getting their desired results. As I mentioned before when mixing substances always start off small and see what your body can handle and as many other Erowid users have stated, Kratom works best with moderation. There’s no need to kick it up to higher doses right off the bat, especially as a new user.

Erowid’s thoughts on smoking Kratom

In short, yes you can smoke Kratom but smoking kratom usually has very mild to unnoticeable effects for most. Dried Kratom leaves can easily be rolled into a cigarette similar to rolling tobacco.

Erowid reviewed the smoke as very very smooth, epically if packed tightly. Once burned through, the smoke does have a very similar smell as smoking weed, so if you don’t want someone to think you’re smoking weed, it’s probably best to smoke it outside the house. It’s also important to note though that smoking tobacco alongside Kratom can cause nausea in some people.

Final Takeaway

My final take away about Erowid’s thoughts on kratom based on their experiences? It seems hard to not fall in love with kratom. Erowid users reported very little if any at all, side effects, and It almost makes you feel content in all aspects of life.