What Makes ExerBand Tubing So Effective in Physical Therapy

We’re not much use without our muscles. Thousands of times each day they perform tasks from the simple to the complex, from sitting to running to lifting groceries to swiping left on our phones. And so we would be wise to keep these muscles healthy and ready for a lifetime of use. Fortunately, there are plenty of physical therapy tools available to help us.

If we’re looking to gain strength or recover from injury, for example, one of the primary pieces of exercise equipment Physical Therapists will recommend is resistance tubing.

What is Resistance Tubing?

Resistance tubing is an economical, portable alternative to free weights and expensive weight machines. Resistance tubing and resistance bands are similar products, used in similar ways. While a band is like a flat ribbon, tubing is shaped like a hollow tube. Both are stretchable. Both come in resistance levels varying from extra light to extra heavy.

Strength training exercises are simple with tubing and bands. Just hold and stretch. The farther you stretch the tubing, the greater the resistance you’ll feel. You can also increase resistance by selecting thicker tubing, just like when you select heavier plates when working out with free weights.

The exercise options with resistance tubing are endless. You can replicate any free weight exercise with tubing, plus you can use tubing in ways that you could never use free weights.

Lightweight and portable resistance tubing can be taken anywhere for strengthening any muscle group, from arms to legs to core to back to shoulders. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most commonly prescribed physical therapy tools.

But you don’t need a referral from a Physical Therapist. Resistance tubing is also common in general fitness classes, and it’s an easy way to create your own portable gym for full body strength training wherever you go.

The Advantages of ExerBand Tubing

Resistance tubing is a popular form of exercise equipment, but bare tubing alone can be difficult to work with. PrePak Products’ ExerBand tubing was the first tubing line to incorporate handles, making it much easier to keep your grip during exercise.

PrePak was also first to provide an anchor strap with tubing for rehab patients. The anchor strap is a simple loop of webbing with a reinforced rubber tip that can be attached to a door at any height. The loop can then be used as an anchor point for ExerBand tubing, greatly expanding the exercise possibilities.

With the success of the anchor strap, PrePak made it even better by adding a rubber saddle. This rubber saddle reduces friction during exercise and increases ExerBand tubing life by up to 549%.

The ExerBand tubing line today works seamlessly with a variety of products to make strength training easy. There’s an extremity strap to bring your legs into the game, there’s the ExerBand fitness bar, and then there’s the Web Slide Exercise Rail System if you’re looking to create a more permanent, high-quality workout station in your home or office. If you’re looking for full body resistance training or just to follow your Physical Therapist’s prescriptions for injury recovery, ExerBand tubing and accessories are a cost-effective solution.