Why Must You Choose To Use iqos?

In the streets you can see every third smoker of something like an electric cigarette. The name of such a thing is a heating tobacco system. What is heating tobacco such as? Is it harmful or not? Let’s try to figure out.

Tobacco heating systems are devices consisting of a holder and a rod. The rod is a pressed tobacco powder (stick), moistened with propylene glycol (a nutritional supplement E1520). Poch particles bind cellulose fibers added to tobacco. In addition, the impregnation of the style includes glycerin (vegetable origin) and guar gum (food thickener). A holder has a battery and a metal plate. When power from the battery passes through the plate, it heats the rod. The heating temperature can be different, from 240 (glo) to 350 (IQOS) degrees.

Tobacco does not light up at such a low temperature, only heats up. Therefore, such products are called Heat-not-Burn Products. Buy and enjoy at https://heated.pro/en/iqos/kits/

Is there harm from IQOS sticks to others, as with passive smoking?

There is no unambiguous answer to this question.

Because there is the small experience of using devices and scientific researches on this topic have not yet been carried out.

Tobacco heating systems also throw nicotine into the air. Due to the smaller temperature of the aerosol, its molecules have a smaller average mileage. In terms of poisoning surrounding resins, acrolein and formaldehyde, the heating system is noticeably less dangerous. 

In October 2019, the United States began selling IQOS. The manufacturer also sent the application for the quality of food and medicine to the health supervision of the quality of food and medicines to recognize its product with a modified [reduced relative to ordinary cigarettes] risk. In heating devices, there is no higher temperature than 350 degrees (there is no burning, only heating), and an ordinary cigarette temperature can exceed 600 degrees. It means that they form smoke. It’s a set of solid particles of various diameters having a high temperature and being inhaled by a person.

The management of the sanitary supervision of the quality of food and medicine of the United States explained the permission of IQOS in the American market, calling another number of reasons. The absence of burning in such devices means that they do not excrete carbon monoxide (ordinary cigarettes inevitably make it). In addition, acrolein levels (moderately toxic) and formaldehyde (relatively toxic) in a tobacco aerosol are 66-91% lower than in the smoke of conventional cigarettes.

However, the management of the sanitary notes: it  does not mean that tobacco heating devices are safe for health. It can only be said that they are less dangerous than ordinary cigarettes.