Why You Should Own a Medical Marijuana Card

Marijuana is the more popular term for the drug from the Cannabis plant, which contains a psychoactive compound that induces the feeling of high. The legality of its use has been a debate for decades. Although some countries are still wary of the drug, others have entirely or partially allowed its use. 

In the US, the legality of marijuana use differs by state. For example, in Arizona, medical marijuana has been legal since 2011 because it is a well-documented cure for pressing medical conditions, such as cancer, migraines, and chronic pain. However, its recreational use is still completely illegal.

Even the medical use of marijuana is limited. One must need a license to purchase the drug. If you are from Arizona and have been advised by your physician to take weed for medical purposes, you will need to apply for an Arizona medical marijuana card. Here are some benefits to owning one. 

Marijuana Can Treat Illnesses

You should know about marijuana’s medicinal properties, but the scope of illnesses it can help may be more significant than you think. From behaviorally-induced problems such as alcoholism to high-maintenance diseases like diabetes and cancer, medical marijuana can relieve a wide range of symptoms. 

Current data prove that medical marijuana is an effective cure. A report by the Washington Post states that 92% of patients claim that the drug has eased symptoms of severe medical conditions. 

So, if traditional medicine is no longer sufficient to you, consider booking a consultation with a physician for a cannabis prescription. They will determine whether you qualify for an Arizona medical marijuana card, which you can use to purchase the drug legally. 

A Marijuana Card is the Only Legal Method of Obtaining Cannabis

The only way to obtain cannabis for medical purposes is by purchasing them from legal dispensaries. However, without a medical marijuana card, they will not be allowed to sell you the drug. 

Do not even try dodging the law by purchasing weed from illegal sources. As long as you have a valid health-related purpose for needing it, your card application should be approved. Consequently, save yourself possible jail time and police records by obtaining your drugs legally. 

A marijuana card makes medical cannabis accessible to everyone, even children. Whereas recreational dispensaries are obligated to only sell to people over 21, medical dispensaries are allowed to sell to minors who own a marijuana card. It is a massive benefit as the legal accessibility to cannabis can mean life and death for some patients. 

Marijuana Cards are Highly Regulated to Ensure the Safety of Consumption

Even the medical use of marijuana is highly regulated. For instance, only two-and-a-half ounces of cannabis is allowed to patients every 14 days. Legal dispensaries participate in a state-wide tracking program that ensures your purchases are within the limit. That, of course, only counts for people with a registered card. 

Laws are strictly imposed, limiting the types of marijuana consumption to capsules, flowers, edibles, topicals, and salves. Plus, patients must consume the drug in a private space.

Some patients and caregivers are eligible to cultivate their cannabis plants at home when they live too far away from a legal dispensary. However, its eligibility is also limited and subject to case-by-case reviews. This article contains more details on the nuances of Arizona’s medical marijuana policies. 

Additionally, patients who are unable to manage their marijuana treatment require caregivers. Usually, children and terminally-ill patients would need a parent, friend, or close family member to administer them the drugs. There is a separate application process for aides, which ensures that they are capable of proper administration and have no history of drug abuse. 

With the proper license, your cannabis consumption remains purely for medicinal purposes. You can treat illnesses, relieve anxiety, and manage your mental health.