Women Health’s Top Christmas Gifts of 2019

Give her the gift of health this Christmas

If you have that one health-freak female friend, giving her a box of cookies can be the worst thing to gift this Christmas. Not only for the fitness-freak, but this goes for all of your female friends. Healthy gifts can be the best thing to give this Christmas. This blog brings together some excellent ideas about the perfect Christmas gifts that will present her with the gift of health.

Here’s a list of healthy Christmas gifts for the women in your life:

  1. The Sleek FitBit– This famous gadget has reached the next level with the Fitbit Alta HR. It is perfect for those who are looking for something more than a steps-counting gadget. It has a slim design which makes it very comfortable on the skin. The device’s ability has been boosted with an integrated heart rate scanner. It can measure the sleep rate of the wearer. Although a little expensive, this can be an awesome Christmas gift for that female friend in your life. Here’s where you can buy it.

sleek fitbit

  1. Yoga 365: Daily Wisdom for Life, On and Off the Mat- This book by Susanna Harwood Rubin can be a great Christmas gift for that yoga-loving friend of yours. This book provides a year’s reading material. Themes like strength, balance, resilience, etc. have been explored in detail. The enlightening paragraphs can be read at any time in a day, even while doing yoga. “It is a very inspiring book that I have incorporated into my daily activities.”- says Jane, an academic writer.
    You can buy the book here


  1. Healthy Crisp Maker- Now, she can eat potato crisps without feeling guilty. The crisps that come out of this are lower in calories when compared to the fried chips. One can make the chips in the microwave instead of frying it in the oil. The user can make potato or sweet potato crisps using this healthy crisp maker. It is completely dishwasher safe, and only the lid needs to be hand washed. It is easy to use and she can make crispy chips in 5 minutes. You can buy it here.

healthy crisp maker

  1. Awair Glow- This helpful gadget can show you whether the air you are breathing in is safe or not. Using this gadget, you can check the level of toxin, CO2, chemicals, humidity, etc. and also keep track of the temperature of the air within your home. When the level reaches a point when you need to clean the air, this device can turn on your air conditioner or air purifier. This gadget will make sure you are breathing in fresh air. This is where you can buy it.

awair glow

  1. Glow Inner Beauty Powder- This is great for anybody who is looking for a way to improve the health of her gut, as well as improve skin rejuvenation. This daily beauty blend is made with twenty-four certified bio-fermented, organic and probiotic superfoods. This will boost your gut health, as well as promote glowing and healthy skin.

The formula used in this supports collagen synthesis with the use of super-charged nutrients. Beautiful hair, nails, and skin from inside out and healthy bowel system are what you can achieve by consuming this Glow powder. Many positive reviews can be found on this product. Emma, an  help expert states, “I have seen a major improvement in the texture, hydration, and luminosity of my skin.” Buy it here.

 glow inner beauty

  1. The Memory Booster Workbook- This motivational book by Dr. Huw Williams and Dr. Jo Iddon can be an excellent Christmas gift and help the woman in your life to test her memory. It contains general knowledge questions, retrieval strategies, visualization exercises, and motivation goals which will allow the reader to concentrate and enhance her memory. Find it here.

memory booster

  1. Mercy Hers Weighted Kettlebell Set- For those who want to add more equipment to their home gym, this can be a great Christmas gift. This set includes kettlebells of 5, 10, and 15 pounds. According to the manufacturer, it has been designed especially for women. The different colors used for each kettlebell are very motivational and make it easier to identify. One can easily get a solid grip even with wet hands as these kettlebells are covered in a matte and smooth vinyl. From beginners to pros, everybody can use it and target all the body muscles. you can buy here

 Weighted Kettlebell Set

  1. Reflexology Socks– With the help of these socks, one can massage the indicated places to find out the reflex points. By massaging the accurate reflex points, one can allow his/her feet to relax. These pairs of socks are based on the traditional Chinese method. Buy it here.

Reflexology Socks

  1. Fresh Foam Cruz v2 Nubuck- This has a newer version of the Fresh Foam technology. It is softer and lighter. With its flat knit upper and midfoot saddle made with premium nubuck leather, this shoe is a great combination of style and comfort. Some of its features are: 8mm drop, comfort heel, slip-on construction, knit upper, molded foam, etc. buy it here

 Fresh Foam Cruz v2 Nubuck

  1. Harry and David Fresh Fruit Gifts– The ultimate healthy Christmas gift you can give to the women in your life is this fruit basket from Harry & David. There are many varieties and combinations for you to choose from. By presenting these baskets full of seasonal fresh fruits, you will convey the message that you are thoughtful and sophisticated. Click here to buy it.

fresh fruit

  1. Hutzler Food Savers– It is hard to keep fruits and vegetables fresh all the time. Also, it is healthier to cook with fresh vegetables and fruits instead of the frozen ones. Often, a little portion of the vegetable or fruit is used for a recipe and the rest needs to be stored. The Hutzler food savers can be a great thing for the unused food.

These storage containers are airtight, resemble the shapes of various veggies and fruits like grapefruit, tomatoes, lemons, peppers, garlic, limes, and onions. One can easily keep the fruits and veggies completely fresh and reduce plastic waste. Along with this, all she needs is a glance to know what is inside the container. You can find it on Amazon.

food savers

  1. Slim Ware Portion-Conscious Dinner Plates- This is the perfect gift to help her prevent the portion-distortion trap. These plates have been specially designed to imitate the exact amount of protein, vegetables, and grains. Thus, one can be sure that she is having the right amount of food. Buy it here.

dinner plates

Now that you know all about the Christmas gifts that can help her to stay healthy, hurry up, and place an order. Buy the gifts and start packing, because Christmas is just around the corner!