10 Painless Ways to Lose Weight successfully

Regular workout programs along with a planned diet play an important role in either maintaining a healthy body weight or shedding excess weight. But it may not look so easy for those who are not on track already or at the beginner level in weight loss goal.

Have you already tried to lose weight in several ways and found it not so helpful? If it the case, you may have to try it differently. Let’s explore some painless ways to lose weight successfully.

There are basically 2 ways to lose weight. One is a quicker method which involves surgeries, pill, needles etc. which is obviously not painless. The other method to follow is a longer method (like using a supplementary diet, planned diet program, regular workouts like aerobic exercises) but can be a safe and healthy way of losing weight. There are several ways to plan your weight loss program. But any program that feels like routine and tiring may be difficult to keep on track for a long duration. So how to stick to the weight loss plan without getting bored and quitting it in the middle. Let’s explore some simple tips and tricks that you can include in your daily routine to make it simple to follow for successful weight loss.

1.       Include healthy protein and fiber-rich food item in your breakfast

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you cut down healthy foods in your diet. Simple modifications like reducing the use of saturated foods. Including healthy protein foods like eggs, fiber-rich foods will not only help to get good nutrition to your body but also keeps you full for a long time.

Studies have shown that if eggs are consumed as a replacement of grain-based breakfast, it will not only help to lose more body fat and weight but also help to carve for lesser calories in the next 36 hours.

2.       Drink coffee and tea

Yes, you read it correctly, drinking coffee and tea are good for your health. But it is not like you might be thinking. Drink it as black coffee. Moreover nowadays green coffee is also getting popular in terms of weight loss benefits of drinking green coffee.

Green tea is another source of healthy options available. But learn how to take it healthy and useful. There is a number of verities of green tea available added with different flavors which help to boost your mood along with the good benefits of the green tea.  

3.       Include Glucomannan supplements

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber available in many supplementary products available these days. Glucomannan is extracted from the roots of a plant called elephant yam. It is believed to keep your stomach full to help in a lesser intake of food while you eat.1

4.       Eat Less Refined Carbs

Refined carbs like sugar and grains that are polished to remove their external layers make you fuller quickly but also get digested quickly which makes you hunger again. For example, pasta, noodles, white bread are of this kind. Instead, replace them with whole wheat bread. Foods containing rich fiber will not only give you the nutrition that your body needs but also help you to stay full on stomach for a longer time.  

5.       Replace your large plate with smaller one

Thinking what is the relation of reducing the plate size instead of food? Yes, there is a reason for it. If you are going to eat in a big plate and you also eating less based on your diet plan. You already have a feeling of eating less which makes even stronger if you are serving your little amount of food on a big plate. In another case, if you are serving the same small amount of food in a much smaller plate compared to your regular size plate, in the psychological state of mind you will feel like you are eating enough. 

6.       Keep track of what you are eating

Keep a record of what you are eating from the beginning of your weight loss plan. Take snaps of the food each time you eat. Keeping a track will help you to be aware of what you are eating. And the awareness about what you are eating makes a lot of difference to plan accordingly.

7.       Drink lots of water, particularly before a meal

Our body is filled with about 60% of water. Water is a source of energy too. Water consumption can help boost metabolism by 24% to 30% which is beneficial in burning more calories and shed a few extra pounds. Drinking water before food helps to keep the stomach fuller and reduce the feeling of emptiness so that you eat less.

8.       Don’t avoid the foods you love

Fully avoiding the foods that you love to eat may get you bored after some time after following the strict diet in your weight loss plan. It is ok to snack on your favorite foods occasionally. But make it less saturated, less fat, use healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil to garnish. There are plenty of sources to plan and prepare a healthy meal without losing taste. If you enjoy cooking, try variations with healthy ingredients while you cook.

9.       You need not work out hard in the gym

Joining the gym, some sports is exiting, many people do that, but very few people stick till the end goal is met. But it is important to keep motivated yourself. Try to make it as a hobby instead of treating it as a workout session. If at all you go out of track for a couple of days due to your tight schedule, nothing can stop you if you are committed at your heart and motivated. Results take time; one step at a time will keep you moving.

There are several ways to lose calories which can replace the gym routine. All it takes is commitment and a minimum of 15-20 minutes a day simple things like walking, dancing if you love to dance, swimming, playing any sports that keep you moving.

10.   Check the item in your fridge

Replace soft drinks, colas, and packed food in your fridge with healthy fresh veggies, fruits, and fruit juices. You can also prepare one type of food using healthy ingredients instead of preparing two different types. Because eating healthy is not only good for those looking to shed off extra pounds but also for all those who want to lead a healthy life.