5 Ingredients in Your Food that Boost Your Immunity

Eating healthy is something that most of us are trying to do in today’s challenging times. It’s easy to develop bad habits where too many sugary snacks and other useless calories accumulate. You don’t have to give up every single item you enjoy munching on, but there are sensible approaches to consider, and we have some excellent tips. Here are a few foods proven to boost your immunity, and yes, they are delicious and simple to include in your daily recipes.


As long as you don’t overdo it, enjoying about half a cup of almonds a day is actually, a very good thing for your body. They offer great flavor, terrific texture, and that awesome crunch and are a filling snack.

Almonds also work as a strong antioxidant for your immune system. For example, almonds are naturally full of vitamin E, and that is essential for the body in preventing and fighting off colds, especially when the vitamin is surrounded by fat to absorb its effects.

Almonds come with healthy fats, so don’t be hesitant is polishing off a few.


Not only is this juicy fruit a healthy one, but it’s colorful to serve and yummy to eat with a unique taste. Papaya is quietly enhancing your immunity with its amazing antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-cancerous properties.

Nutritional experts say that the fruit helps the body build resistance against multiple viruses, bacteria, and pathogen attacks. Papaya also aids in digestion because of its special enzyme known as papain that helps to maintain a healthy gut.


Bees and the magical product they produce called honey have been around since the age of dawn. Archaeologists found that keeping bees in hives was something done as early as 2400BC near Cairo. The Egyptian hieroglyphs were discovered in a sun temple there.

Many people still wonder, does honey boost immunity?

You can bet on that!

The key is in choosing to eat raw honey because its perfect naturalness contains special phytonutrients. These powerful elements help to fight off illness with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and even anti-tumor properties.

Just one or two teaspoons daily of raw honey is all you need. You will feel the energy boost, sleep better, bring your cholesterol numbers down, and more. Also, the complex flavors of raw honey are quite addictive.


Is this a typo, you may ask? How can shellfish like succulent lobster, shrimp, crab, mussels, and oysters do the body any real value in terms of a healthy immune system?

Well, it’s true. Shellfish like shrimp, oysters, and crab contain selenium, an antioxidant that assists in defending the body against infection, cell damage, or chronic diseases.

In addition, there is the all-important zinc factor connect to shellfish. There is a lot of this crucial mineral to help the body protect itself from invading viruses and bacteria.

Shellfish are delicious in all their incredible varieties and will keep your immune cells functioning properly.

You could take a zinc supplement, but wouldn’t you rather consume your weekly zinc requirement in some crab legs or lobster tails?

By the way, women need 8 mg. of zinc per day, and men require 11 mg.


If there were two green veggies that sum up immunity-boosting, they would include broccoli and spinach. Take your pick for stir-fry because both are just what the doctor ordered.

Broccoli not only has fiber and tons of vitamins and minerals, but it contains a chemical that turns on unique antioxidant genes and enzymes in specific immune cells. From there, it goes into action to fight off free radicals that can lead to diseases.

Meanwhile, leafy spinach is another great one to add to your daily recipes. It is packed with vitamin C to keep the body in peak form and to protect it against infections that develop.

The healthy tip here is to retain the nutrients of both broccoli and spinach, so refrain from over-cooking. Nutritionists recommend steaming to lock in the nutrients of these twin superfoods.

In today’s uncertain times, we need to be pro-active when it comes to our health. Consider the immunity system boosters we’ve outlined above, and enjoy trying these 5 in your recipes!