Inside A Nurse’s Bag- The “Must” Haves

Taking care of you through thick and thin, in times of need, these smiling faces are angles dressed as humans, promising to fulfill their deed to look after those who cannot help themselves.

When no one is there to care for you, these individuals blue scrubs with a stethoscope around neck and a pen and file in hand are nurses who have dedicated their lives to serving you, without asking for anything in return.

But of course, to serve their purposes of helping patients in need, nurses need the right tools for the right prognosis. If you are new in the medical field and have no idea of what to own as a nurse, here is a list of the “must-haves” in your bag, that will help you survive through prolonged duty hours.

  1. Stethoscope

In the absence of senior doctors, these nurses are given the responsibility to look after the patients in every possible way. From checking their pulses to temperature, every minor detail needs to be recorded, for which one needs the right tool.

A stethoscope is a must-have in every nurse’s bag! From monitoring heart rate to checking for blood pressure, this definitely comes in essential supplies for nurses and is used in different ways. Thus, without a stethoscope in the bag, a nurse cannot work!

  • Pair of Extra Scrubs

Working in a hospital can be “dirty” especially at a time when you’re on a call in the ER (emergency room). You’ll be dealing with all sorts of cases including accidents and cleaning blood, hence a pair of extra scrubs will help you stay clean and clear of catching germs.

  • Books

At times, diagnosis of a certain disease becomes difficult, thus prescribing medicine or treatment procedure may seem a bit of a task. In situations like these, medical books help nurses find the right courses of treatment, helping them taking care of their patients by taking the right approach. Digital or physical, pack books that is convenient for you to read through!

  • Pens and Clipboard

You wouldn’t want to miss out on details of a critical patient just because you don’t have a pen and a paper. For nurses, carrying a bunch of extra pens along with a good quality clipboard is essential. This is so, no matter whichever ward their visiting at whatever time, they have their recording supplies ready all the time.

  • Scissors and Medical Supplies

Sometimes when the hospital is flooded with patients, the place runs out of medical supplies. Thus, to ensure you never need to shout out for the smallest of medical stuff, always as a nurse carry scissors and micropore tape in your bag. These medical supplies do not cost much but will surely help you deal with emergencies without having to run around the hospital asking for it.

  • Penlight

A penlight is light in weight and can be placed next to your average pen in the pocket. Penlight works like a mini-flashlight which you can take out easily to examine the throat, eyes, and wounds of patients whenever needed. It is designed like a pen but serves a completely different purpose.

A few other things that nurses should have in their bag include a journal to record important dates and information, badge and ID, maybe an extra pair of socks or slippers to get through long duty hours, hand-sanitizer, and yes, paracetamol just in case you feel low!