A goose-bump giving diet-journey of a Mom Who Could not Afford Gym Membership but yet managed to lose 50 pounds

For losing weight, there are countless carb-reducing diets, workout trainers, workout classes & expert-approved fitness guide books out there that can help one reach his or her goals. But of course, not all people can afford to buy or do these things. What one should do in such case then? Well… We have a solution of that, and we will be telling that through a fitness-motivation-story of a mom-of-two named J. Boyles.

  1. Boyles is living proof that one does not reallyneed to spend much in order to look healthy, smart and glamorous. She lost 50 pounds and score an amazing six pack without any gym or expensive coaching classes.

“Once I came across a fitness article that made it sound like if you want to get fantastic results you’ve to have a top-of-the-line certified trainer & pay a little extra (in reality a lot) for the better gym. After reading that, I thought ‘that is just so dumb. Now watch me do it all by myself’… And now see, I am exactly right where I desired & wanted to be,” she says.

Her struggle began when she put on 26 pounds after embracing a very unhealthy college lifestyle: i.e. eating overmuch carbs via instant mac & cheese, skipping morning walk for study sessions, & hitting up happy hour very few times a week with her friends.

After graduating, J. Boyles continued to gain weight. Before she realized it, she got married, pregnant, & put on another 26-30 pounds from yo-yo dieting & indulging in pasta, burgers, Donuts, Hot Pockets, chocolate, Pizza and fries every week. As a result, She says she felt more sluggish & got sick with colds more often than ever before. Though she shed 18 to 20 pounds by the start of 2014 by going on 25 to 30 minute moderate-walking after her second pregnancy, yet she still was not happy with her results.

“I always loved the lean physical look, & cardio did not give me that,” she says.

It was not until 2015 that she picked up a fitness magazine & got truly inspired by the transformation articles and fit-journeys of others mentioned there.

“Their stories were so inspiring, cool & amazing. Afterwards, I searched more such stories on internet and read them”, she says. ‘A lot of women overcame such obstacles that I found it so motivating & helpful. I thought, if these women could do it with all the challenges, what not me? What’s is stopping me? ”

Through some further research, J. Boyles learned the worth of eating a diet high in complex carbs & protein to get the arms, legs & abs she wanted. In breakfast, she started to have scrambled egg whites with a pinch of cheese, 2 toasts of whole wheat bread with peanut butter & banana slices on top; Tuna and salad (onions, carrots, & avocado) for lunch; salmon or boiled/grilled chicken breast, broccoli & quinoa for dinner; & protein bars in between.

For exercise, she knew she could not afford a gym trainer or personal trainer. So, she tracked down yard sales to pick up few dumbbells, kettlebells, & resistance bands, &  then copied some simple movements which she found online. That, combined with 30-minute moderate-walking a few times a week, made a lot of incredible difference.

“I would do dumbbell flies in my living room, few very simple squats, & push ups using a chair or couch,” she explains. “I used only what I had available to me.”

But before J.Boyles could really enjoy all her hard work and struggle paying off,  she says she had to overcome the biggest hurdle i.e. HERSELF.

“Many times i was like: O’ lady, why you are even doing this? But deep down I knew well that I wanted to feel the energy again that I once had (in high school times). I knew that I was getting sick way more than I should have & that wasn’t who I’m. I thought, I m a motivated, driven person & I want my children to be that way too. I’ve to be a good example. I was really dissatisfied & wanted my children to have a good role model to look up to. This was what made me to keep me stick to my track”


  1. Boyles has lost almost 50 pounds. Now, she las her own fitness class with a few friends at her local church. There she teaches other women how to do fat-burning interval training & exercise on a low budget. She tries to squeeze in a workout here & there while her children are having a day off from school. She doesn’t let her valuable family-time comes between her and her fit journey.

Here is her advice to those who want to lose weight: Food is youur mortal enemy, do not automatically jump to a fade diet or calorie-counting. Instead, take at least one veggie at a time on your palette. In beginning, some people are not going to like it as not all people are veggie lovers but this will eventually adjust. As far as cookies, chocolate, & pasta are concerned, they are okay to have as long as one focuses on eating veggies, lean protein & complex carbs 80 percents.

This advice will not work until you yourself will decide and want to be healthy and gorgeous. Because in fact weight loss journey is the journey of change of mindset. You’ve to think that will eating this really going to make me feel better, is it worth it. If your answers are “Yes”, then go for it.

Be a J.Boyle’s.

Happy Fit-healthy-journey!