The 5 ways to burn calories without doing exercise/workout

“I don’t want to exercise. I don’t want to do dieting. O’ God!!! Is there some other way through which i can myself fit?”

Well… Yes, yes, yes!

Do you know you can burn so many extra calories with just few simple changes to your lifestyle? For this, there is no need to go to the gym to burn more calories & lose weight. The little things which you do during the day can make a huge difference in your metabolism. Use the tips given below to change your daily routine, to boost calorie burn & to lose weight without exercise.

Use you normal activities to Burn More Calories

If one desire to burn more calories in a day, experts will advice one to increase your non-exercise activity (NEAT) thermogenesis. NEAT is a fancy term for all of the movements one do which are not vigorous enough to be called a workout. According to spme researchers at the Mayo Clinic, non-exercise activities – NEAT – can play a major role in whether or not one want to lose or gain weight. And italso affects one risk for obesity.

So, now question is: How many calories can NEAT burn? It varies, but the number could be actually significant. According to a study, because every person’s activity level is very much different from another, calories burned from NEAT varies from one person to another person by up to 2000 to 2200 calories per day.

So how one can take advantage of this calorie-burning-benefit? Start with these some small changes or get creative & try some of new ideas.

5 Ways to Burn Calories Without Exercise

1):- Burning more calories at the office.

Having a sedentary job is not a direct cause of obesity, but sitting for long period can become a cause of weight gain in lots of people. The American Heart Association has reported that “people who are food-addict (obsess) appear to exhibit an innate tendency to be seated for 3 hours/day more than sedentary lean counterparts.” Researchers have found out that if very much foodoholic (obsess) people adopt the NEAT habits of their lean counterparts, they can burn an additional 400 calories per day.

If you’ve a desk job, get up & move for at least 20 minutes every hour. Take a walk to the restroom, run an errand, go to the water cooler, do filing from a standing position rather than seated position, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Ask your co-workers to join you. This gonna help you much in inreasing your NEAT part of a healthy-office routine. Many people lose weight at work with these very simple & effective strategies

2):- Burn more calories while relaxing

How many hours you gonna spend in front of the television tonight? You can easily burn extra calories by simply adding few light activity to your TV viewing & relaxation time. Sweep the floor, fold laundry, or dust furniture while watching television. You can also do a full workout on couch and burn up to 320 calories. These activities will not only boost your calorie expenditure, but you’ll eat less in front of the TV if your hands are bit busy.

You can burn calories even during other leisure activities. If you the person who likes to talk on the phone, walk around while your chat instead of just sitting down. Try to limit your entertainment-related computer time to 20 minute intervals.

3):- Burn more calories while with the kids.

Teaching children to increase their daily activity. This will save them from weight gain in the future. And not just them, but will help you too. If you want to lose weight without exercise, find different ways to increase your walking time. Walk with the kids to their school or to bus stop. If you using car & driving them to school, choose a parking spot which is bit far & use those few extra steps to chat with them that how their day went. And if you’re tempted to scold your kids for being fidgety, you might want to think twice or thrice. According to a research published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this is a common form of NEAT & contributes to a healthy metabolism.

4):- Burning more calories with daily chores.

According to (and its activity tracker) , household chores can burn upto 100 calories per hour. The actual number actually depends on one’s size & gender. An already-thin woman burns about 170 calories per hour doing moderate chores while a larger man burns substantially more. But who would’ve thought that sweeping floor could help in weight loss? Grab a dry-cleaner & do a complete housecleaning exercise/workout to burn calories. Once it is done, there are always some organizational which can help you in improving energy balance . Organizing closet, unpacking boxes or cleaning the garage can increase your NEAT.

5):- Burning more calories at social events.

Many times when you enter a party in a friend’s home you scan the room for a comfortable place to sit. Well… Do not do this from now on. The next time you go to any such party, burn few extra calories by becoming bit more social. Choose to stand, circle the room, or talk to as many people as possible. Offer some help in the kitchen, take a tour of garden, or greet guests at door to stay active. You will be the life of the party & increase your NEAT at the same time.

If you are not sure how NEAT can make difference, use any activity monitor to keep check on your daily movement. Such monitors provide a general estimate of daily calories burned at the gym & in your home / workplace.

So from now on, no worries if you do not like exercise. Just start doing your work yourself. This gonna help you a lot. Furthermore, see this chart and plan your these activities yourself to burn calories.

Adopt these few steps and enjoy the life! 🙂