5 Reasons to Give Yourself a Bare Foot Massage and how to do it

From morning walk to sleep, our feet do a lot for us. They carry us around all day, and maybe they work much than other parts of our body. It’s impossible for us to move around naturally without using our feet.

But although we use our feet much more than other parts of our body, they are usually sorely neglected! Maybe most of the people don’t know how to treat their feet to keep them strong and efficient! The best way is the bare foot massage. There are lots of benefits of foot massage. Foot massage is not only to treat the feet, but it helps our whole body to remain healthy and fit.

In this article, I will share the top 5 benefits of bare foot massage therapy that can help you have a more healthy lifestyle. And some easy tips to have some foot massage yourself.

5 Best Benefits of Bare Foot Massage Therapy

This therapy is beneficial for our whole body, not only for the feet specifically. Out instep is connected with our whole body, and hence if you can treat your foot as well as instep, you will be able to treat your whole body. Here are the top 10 benefits of bare foot massage therapy.

1.     Stress Relief and Relaxation

Almost every type of massage therapy helps us to have relaxation and also helps with stress relief. Many people think that only neck massage, back massage, and general massage therapies are useful for having relaxation and stress relief.

But, bare foot massage also helps a lot to have relaxation and stress relief. A study in 2013 on some dementia patients found that 10 minutes of bare foot massage helps a lot to release anxiety and stress. It also helped to improve the mood and having relaxation.

It’s earlier research also found that five minutes of bare foot massage can help a lot to have some relaxation with reducing stress and anxiety. For critical care patients, a five minutes foot massage helps a lot.

2.     Quality Sleep

Any kind of massage therapy can help you have a better sleep. Foot massage therapy also helps a lot to improve the quality of sleep. Since bare foot massage helps reflexology, it is beneficial for improving the quality of sleep.

Foot massage before you go for sleep will help you have relaxed and also will help you relieve the stress of the day’s work. To have really better sleep, you can have bare foot massage therapy before you go for sleep.

3.     Improve Blood Circulation

Regular therapy helps surprisingly to improve blood circulation. Even, there are specific bare foot massage therapies to improve blood circulation.

Since the insteps of our foot are connected with our whole body, so it can help to improve the blood circulation to our whole body. If you want to improve your blood circulation through bare foot massage therapy, you have to treat it regularly.

4.     Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is risky for both normal and patients. Because high blood pressure can cause a heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure anytime.

To make your blood pressure lower, you may maintain a diet or take medicine regularly. But, there are natural ways too to lower your blood pressure. That natural way is bare foot massage therapy.

This therapy can lower the blood pressure to the standard point by improving blood circulation. Many research found that regular foot massage can improve systolic blood pressure and blood triglyceride level.

5.     Faster The Recovery Process From Injury

Foot massage therapy helps a lot to improve the recovery process of any injury. It also works magically to reduce muscle soreness.

This therapy helps a lot to prevent future injuries. It helps a lot to improve plantar fasciitis that releases pain and boost the recovery process.

Massage to your feet helps to release toxins from the injured tissues, and hence the supply of blood to the injured tissues increases. So, injured tissues get more oxygen and nutrients, and they can boost up their health.

How to get a foot massage

Foot massage has lots of advanced benefits around our whole body. To have better benefits, you will need to apply bare foot massage therapy regularly.

Massage from therapist

Having a bare foot massage, as well as any massage therapy from a professional massage therapist, is more beneficial than other options. They are well educated about their profession, and they know how to apply in on you so that you can have the possible best benefits.

To find a professional foot massage therapist, you can ask your friends for family members who already had bare foot massage therapy. Or, you can search your country’s massage therapy association’s data to find a certified and qualified therapist near you. Another way is searching online search engines to get a therapist near you.

If you want to have foot massage from a professional therapist, it will cost much for regular therapy. Besides, finding a quality foot massage therapist is so tough.

Get bare foot massage yourself

The better is to get bare foot massage therapy yourself. It saves money and time. You will be able to have this therapy yourself regularly and whenever you want or need it.

For regular use, revitive circulation booster massager machines are best. Better is to buy a qualified revitive circulation booster machine that has lots of advanced benefits for full-body health. Before you purchase a revitive circulation booster, read some revitive circulation booster reviews so that you can have the best one.

Final Words

This therapy has lots of advanced benefits for health. If you can treat that massage therapy regularly, you will get better benefits. For applying the therapy, I think using a foot massager machine is better than other options, including therapy from a professional therapist. Revitive circulation booster would be the best choice for regular use. I hope this article will help you enough about bare foot massage therapy. If you have any queries, then please feel free to comment below.