How to lose 10 pounds in 3 days

Picture this: You have got an important function coming up in 2-3 days’ time. A big meeting with clients or a family get-together. You want to look and feel best.

The question is: how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days? Well, it might come as a surprise for many but it is possible to shed off weight in a mere three days’ time without taking those popular appetite suppressant pills.

Weight gain is an additional and pertinent problem that exists in today’s generation. Blame it on the carbs, or today’s lifestyle, both these parameters have a major contribution in helping you gain extra flab.

In this blog ahead, we will discuss the tricks and diet plan for losing weight in a fast and healthy way.

Important Steps To Follow For Weight Loss

Everybody wants to lose weight but most people get stuck in a quandary due to the tedious process. The journey of weight loss is not an easy one, it takes months of patience and dedication to lose the fat.

But not anymore! There are many fad and keto diets in the market which help you to easily achieve this goal. But before starting any diet you need to first prepare your body for an acute detox.

Now you must be wondering why to go for detox when losing weight. Well, for beginners there are many of the benefits of the three-day detox diets. The diet not only helps to cleanse your kidney, liver, and bowels but also disposes of all accumulated toxins in the gut and colon.

Meal Chart to Include For Detox Plan:

·   Dairy items like cottage and cheddar cheese, eggs, and vanilla ice cream.

·   Bread toast and crackers.

·   Beverages must include 4 cups of tea or black coffee.

·   Vegetables like beans, broccoli, cauliflower.

·   Fruits to include are banana, apple, grapefruit.

·   Proteins like peanut butter, tuna, and meat.

·   Supplements like Proven by NutraVesta

·   Substitutes like turnip, beet, carrots, cabbage, and grapefruit.

With the help of these food items, you can easily prepare a three-course meal chart to follow. Always remember while having these above foods, adhere to the chart prepared only and do not take any other food in between.

You can continue having the above-mentioned food for three days and then jump back to normal food for another four days. Then you can again restart your diet plan.

This three-day detox diet definitely will give you the results provided you must follow it religiously. And while having the food do not take any other seasoning other than salt and pepper.

How Effective Is This Three-Day Diet Plan?

Now that the diet plan is all sorted, you must be wondering, is this detox plan really effective? The answer is yes. Those who start with the plan might not really like it at first, but that is the challenge.

The plan makes you stay on raw foods and simultaneously cuts off all the carbs, processed and fast foods, meat, and sugar. A major takeaway from the diet plan is positive effects on the whole body. After you start the plan you will notice increased energy levels, glowing skin, and an improved digestive system.

 Why Are Proteins Included In The Weight Loss Diet?

One of the major parts of the diets is taken care of by proteins. Proteins are essential for keeping your body full for a longer time. This means consuming more proteins will lead to fewer cravings and hunger pangs.

While there are many sources of proteins available in the market today, lean meat is advised for all those who are on a diet. Pork, chicken, and pulses are also a great source of protein that can be taken a look at after the detox diet cycle is finished.

 What Are The Other Tricks To Follow For Losing Weight In 3 Days?

One of the hardest tasks in life is to shed off extra pounds. However, when you have access to the right information, losing extra kilos comes in very handy. Although we have already discussed the detox plan, here are some additional tricks that can be applied while on diet:

1.     Drink Water:

Water has numerous benefits for the body that cannot be ignored or overlooked. Staying hydrated helps flush out toxins and aids in the digestion of the food. This leaves you with a much healthier and stronger body. 

2.     Avoid Carbohydrates:

It is a well-known fact that carbohydrates provide the body with energy. However, when taken in excess, it gets stored as fat. The fact accumulation in the body can lead to obesity and serious health complications. Therefore, when you are trying to lose weight, steer clear of carbs to reduce weight easily. Just make sure you’re getting enough carbs to have energy throughout the day. You should learn the truth about carbohydrates when considering avoiding them for weight loss.

3.     Take Cold Shower:

Although it might look irrelevant, showering with cold water helps you kick off extra weight easily. It is because when you shower with cold water the body temperature drops down and triggers metabolism. The increased metabolism releases heat and converts fat into energy.

4.     Exercise More:

Exercising daily helps keep your body active. It not only helps you to start off the day with a bang but also makes your heart healthy. You can either choose to indulge in hardcore cardiovascular exercises or dance forms like aerobics and salsa for cutting off accumulated fat.


In order to attain faster results, you can inculcate all these above steps in your daily regime. Losing off weight might be a tricky journey, but when done properly you can see results very easily.

Always remember keeping your health in check is of utmost importance. No matter what you do, if your health clock is in diverse conditions then it will only create difficulties in life ahead. Therefore, it is highly essential to keep your diet in check. For shedding weight in 3 days, you can stick to the diet chart mentioned above along with some of the tips, and get ready to see a miraculous result after the given time span.