Can You Share Fungal Nail Treatment?

Nail fungus is some pretty nasty stuff, and people don’t talk about it quite enough to spread awareness. It’s a tough nut to crack, so to speak, because it really sneaks up on people until the infection really spreads and starts to do damage. When the fungal infection starts, it’s usually just a very small white or yellowish spot under the nail (finger or toe), and it’s hard to identify. We have spots on our nails all the time. Though this fungal infection isn’t actually infecting the keratin of your nails; it’s actually in your skin, and it’s going to work itself deeper and deeper into your skin, and then spread out a lot. It’s basically killing all of the connective tissue that’s holding your nails in place, while it’s destroying the biological mechanisms making your nails grow. So, what you end up with here are nails that become weak and brittle and can eventually fall off.

This can be extremely unpleasant and even outright painful. Getting a quality bottle of nail repair gel, like that sold by Doctors Kline + Green, is a surefire way to fight against a current infection and to prevent another going forward. Though some people have it in mind that they can share a nail treatment. They’ll get one bottle for the club or to use between friends and family. Is this a good idea?

Should You Share Nail Fungus Treatments?

People buy medications to share all the time. A bottle of aspirin or Tylenol will last the entire family for a while. A bottle of stomach antacid is great to share because you can pour doses out into separate containers. All sorts of things are shared and, so, many believe that sharing fungal repair gel is a good thing. It’s actually not recommended, however, for the simple reason that a nail repair gel doesn’t act at all like those other shared items.

The applicator tip of a quality nail gel is sort of like the long, narrow tip of a super glue bottle. Only, instead of holding it away from the object and squeezing out little drops, what you’re doing is sliding the applicator under your nails and all over the actual infection. Now, there’s no guarantee that the infection will survive on the tip and jump over to the next person using it. But it very well could! One person could be using this nail treatment for fungus, while another is using it just to moisturize their nails. Though a week or so later, the person using it for moisturizing purposes may find that now they’ve developed an infection.

Since the repair gel heals infections, it’s not very likely. Though since it is a possibility, since bacteria does spread, and the tip of the applicator isn’t the gel itself, it is not recommended to share this formula. There are some good reasons to go get your own bottle.

Reasons To Get Your Own Treatment

It’s Yours

Having something that’s yours means that it belongs to you and you don’t have to wait around for permission from a friend or family member to use it. Whenever you need to use the gel, you can, and you can use more if you want because it’s your bottle. Yes, it may sound trite, but it makes a big difference. You don’t share deodorant or a toothbrush, do you? Think about why that is, and you’ll know it’s better not to share.

Always Have Access

You will also always have immediate access to the product. You won’t have to speak to anyone at the gym to let you use it after a shower. You won’t have to sneak into a family member’s bathroom to get it out of their medicine cabinet. You will maintain ready access to your own bottle.

It’s Not Just for Fungus

Another reason to have your own bottle is because you can use it every single day. It’s not just for nail fungus. It’s also going to moisturize and help heal your nails and make them shinier and stronger. So since this is a product for everyday use, having your own bottle of the stuff is important. Plus, there’s not a whole lot in there, volume-wise.

Just make sure you’re getting the good stuff, the treatments that are clinically proven to work and are safe to use.