How to Build a Fitness Wardrobe That Works For You

Having the right workout clothes in your wardrobe is crucial for ensuring that you always have what you need to do the workout you want to do. In fact, by having the specific pieces you need in colors and materials that work together, you will find that it is easier than ever to throw on your gear and get moving.

From the materials, you want to avoid to the essential accessories in the Grit+Tonic fitness kit, read on to learn how to build a fitness wardrobe that works for you.

1. Avoid fabrics that don’t allow your skin to breathe.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying new workout clothes is the material of the pieces you are considering.

No matter what piece you are purchasing, you want to avoid fabrics that don’t breathe. This includes items that are constructed from rubber or plastic-based materials, as these materials prevent the sweat you are producing from evaporating which, in turn, can cause your body temperature to be too high throughout your workout.

Similarly, cotton also isn’t a good material for working out as it absorbs sweat. When you wear cotton, the fabric won’t pull away from your skin or help the sweat to evaporate quickly; therefore, this type of material often begins to feel heavy and wet as soon as you start exercising.

For this reason, you want to be looking for workout clothes made from breathable synthetic fabrics as these are specially designed to keep the sweat away from your skin, helping it evaporate swiftly.

This is how you can maintain a cool body, even if you are pushing yourself to the limit. These fabrics are the optimal choice for working out as they won’t cause you to feel sweaty, wet, and uncomfortable.

2. Choose tops that make you feel comfortable.

When it comes to fitness tops for women, you have a wide array of styles from which you can choose. Some individuals prefer to wear fitted tanks, while others like a more relaxed t-shirt style. There is no right or wrong choice; you simply need to find what works best for you.

Additionally, your tops are an excellent way to incorporate bright colors into your activewear wardrobe as these bold hues can be mixed and matched with bottoms in more muted tones. That being said, if you are looking to have your workout wear seamlessly transition into your everyday wardrobe, then you may also want to stick to more muted tones for your tops as well.

One fantastic option is the Ale Color Block Women Short Sleeve Jersey. This garment offers a perfect blend of minimal style and trendy tones. It is made of soft and fresh materials that provide breathability, lightness, and UV Protection. Moreover, this particular style has a reflective logo on the back to produce more visibility and a Silicone waist hem.

3. Don’t forget the accessories.

Along with your essential clothing items, you also need a selection of accessories to ensure that you are always prepared for what your workout brings. One of the most useful workout accessories is a waterproof multi-sport GPS watch that enables you to monitor your heart rate and recovery and track GPS and performance tests.

One of the best options on the market is the Polar Unite Fitness Watch that boasts an advanced wrist-based heart rate and connected GPS. By wearing this ultra-light watch, you will soon find yourself getting higher-quality sleep, working-out more efficiently, and finding balance throughout your life.

Furthermore, ankle weights can help you achieve your fitness goals quicker as you can wear them to activate your muscles even when you aren’t working out.

4. Change your workout wardrobe for the seasons.

Depending on where you live, you may need to change some pieces in your workout wardrobe depending on the seasons. For example, in hot weather, it is imperative that you wear fabrics that enable your skin to breathe and shapes that permit you to move freely.

On the other hand, in colder weather (or if you like early morning outdoor workouts), you need to balance keeping yourself warm with the fact that you are raising your heart rate and body temperature.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you dress in layers that you can remove as you progress through your workout. Generally, it is best to have sweat-wicking clothing for your inner-layers and then an insulating layer on top of that. Hats also significantly help preserve your body heat.

Compression tights are ideal for all weather. For example, the 2XU MCS Run Compression Tights include muscle containment stamping that has been specially developed to reduce muscle movement, damage, and fatigue and help you have the best workout possible.

Additionally, the fabric offers lightweight and flexible support, while the high-quality, durable, moisture-wicking yarns ensure that your skin will remain cool and dry.

By wearing compression tights when you workout, you will reap the benefits of diminished muscle fatigue and soreness, decreased muscle damage and risk of overuse injuries, enhanced performance, and muscle alignment, heightened agility, and quicker recovery.

5. Don’t skimp on your shoes.

Even if the rest of your workout wardrobe is excellent, you aren’t going to be able to exercise the way you want (and get the optimal results) without the right pair of shoes. In fact, in many ways, your footwear is the most critical part of your workout wardrobe.

When you exercise, you need to be wearing shoes that provide you with the necessary sole and ankle support. You also want the shoes to keep your feet protected and feeling comfortable – no matter what you are pushing yourself to do.

To choose the right athletic shoes for you, it is crucial that you know your feet. After all, feet come in a variety of shapes, and so you need to know your feet’s quirks in order to select the proper pair of shoes.

In addition to knowing your size, this also means knowing if you have an arch, whether your feet are wide or narrow, and if you need extra ankle support. Keep in mind that feet do change size throughout your life, so it is essential to get your feet measured regularly.

What do you think are the most essential items to have in a fitness wardrobe? Which pieces are currently on your wishlist? Do you have any other tips or tricks to add?

Let us know in the comments below!