Choosing the Right Thai Boxing Gloves for Your Training

If you are looking to join a martial class, you might have considered Muay Thai. The combat sport, which uses kicking and grabbing techniques, has grown to be a discipline amongst Thailand’s people. And just like the rice from the region, the sport has also transcended into an international affair. So it is common to find studios and dojos in cities around the world where you can learn the discipline and culture of Muay Thai. 

Not sure which martial art is right for you to take up? You can check here for more on the different disciplines and how they affect the body. Made up your mind to go for Muay Thai? You can learn more about the sport below and how to shop for the best gear. 

What is Muay Thai?

It is a similar martial art style to that of kickboxing; the only difference is that you can include a combination of elbow and knee strikes. It is a national sport in Thailand and a cultural discipline that is a part of their heritage. 

It involves powerful kicks, which makes a significant part of the combat, so most people liken it to kickboxing. But there are variations in the movements that distinguish both martial art techniques. The students are made to train their bodies into weapons with the knees and legs converted to staff and axe. 

The body is hardened to defend against kicks to the face from opponents. And the hand is sharpened to stay alert like the sword. It involves training all the major muscles in the body to remain flexible. And you can expect this to positively impact your physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness. 

Getting Started

You will need to check for a dojo that trains in the discipline. This may be an issue for those looking for arenas outside of Thailand. But before I shed light on how to find a Muay Thai studio near you, let me first intimate you with the essential gear you need to own to start training.

Essentials for Thai Boxing 

One of the requirements for joining a martial art gym is to be kitted appropriately. So you want to make sure you have the right attire for sport. The dressing is not the only thing to put in order, as you also want to have protective gear to safeguard against injury while sparring with an opponent. Some of the essentials you want to buy when looking to take up martial art classes include 

  • Gloves: are required to help protect the hands and ensure you don’t bruise or inflict severe injuries on your opponents during practice. 
  • Comfy Shorts: Shorts are best for Muay Thai as they allow for freedom and ventilation to the legs, which is what you will need for striking powerful kicks. You could also work with pants if they are okay with you, but I’d say comfy shorts if you want my suggestion. 
  • Ankle Wraps: Your ankles would be your strike tool, and you will need to ensure it is properly wrapped to protect it from injury when you strike your opponent. You could cover your ankles with a band, but you want to ensure it can withstand direct impact. 
  • Mouth Guard: As with other martial art sports, mouth guards are also necessary when you practice Muay Thai. They help to protect your teeth, gum, and tongue from direct impact. Most professionals get custom mouthguards that fit their dentition, but you can find options that are suited for all as a beginner. 
  • Arm Wrap: Your arms will need to be wrapped to help reduce the impact when you strike and defend attacks. You could add style to your outfit and match your ankle wrap with those for your arms. 
  • Shin Guards: Another area that receives direct impact is the shin, and it requires adequate protection if you don’t want to walk around with a caste for months. You can suffer damage to your tibia if you leave this area unprotected. 
  • Breathable Clothes: Choose tops that you can breathe in, and since you will be sweating it out at the gym, you want them to be comfortable. Women should wear a bra that helps to safeguard their breasts and also allows for proper ventilation. 

There are other things that can also be an addition to your gym bag. You will need towels, for example, to help dry your sweat, while an ointment or heat rub will also be recommended to help with the pain. Not to mention the right gym bag to carry all your essentials in. 

Shopping for Thai Boxing Gloves 

You might think all training gloves can pass for Muay Thai, but some are best suited for the sport. They are less rigid than those meant for boxing and allows for more freedom when you clench your fist. You can check these out if you need help with finding the best type for Thai boxing. There are additional tips below on how to select the best kind of gloves for Muay Thai. 

·         Quality 

You want to get quality gloves that can support the training’s rigorous nature and last long. It is no use buying one every few months, so you want to consider the material and construction’s durability when shopping for hand gear. 

·         Brand 

It may be best to stick to popular selling brands as they likely will pass all the tests when in the market for something worthwhile. You can find those made by popular gyms and promoters of the sport in Thailand, so this may be the ideal place to get started. 

·         Comfort 

The gloves have to be comfortable to wear, and there should be insulation provided in its design. This helps with taking care of the heat and sweat when you wear it. 

·         Price 

You may want to settle for cheaper options when shopping for boxing gloves, but they don’t always turn out the best from experience. While there are reasonably priced brands, you want to avoid basing much of your decision on the cost of the gear. 

Joining a Thai Boxing Gym

Now here is the part where you will have to make commitments and be part of a gym. It is the quickest way to learn about Thai boxing. So if you are serious about knowing all about the discipline, you want to get with the right trainers. Although experts swear the best gyms are in Thailand, you can find good ones with excellent instructors near you. How, you ask? You can find out below. 

·         Register with Thai Instructors 

While I’m not saying you can find other races that can teach the discipline, you will trust that the originators are best equipped to teach about their culture. It is almost rare to find native men and women from the country in other parts of the world who don’t know a thing or two about the discipline. 

·         Research the Gym 

You should do a background check to ensure the gym is not a front for criminal activities. Again, while I’m not stereotyping any region, you can quickly get in trouble for associating with the wrong crowd. So you want to do your due diligence before swearing allegiance. 

·         Show up for Training 

It is easy to decide you want to take up sports, but making time to practice is the first sacrifice you have to make. So plan your training into your schedule and ensure you keep to it. There are tips in this link,, on how to stay committed to your goals. 

Final Note 

There are many ways you stand to benefit from martial arts, and Muay Thai is one of such discipline. Getting ready for training will include shopping for gear, and you want to make sure you get the right type of gloves for Thai boxing.