Common Home Fitness Mistakes: Ali Ghani, Edmonton Resident On How to Avoid Them

2020 was a year like any other.  Without naming the obvious reasons, the year spawned many new trends like remote work, ZOOM happy hours and even new fitness trends. With many gyms and fitness centers closed, the year changed how and where we train. 

Whether you’re a fitness guru or a novice, chances are you’ve acclimated to the home workout scenario.  With that said, there are actually many attractions of working out at home.  For one, it’s cheaper than going to the gym (and free in many cases).  It’s also quicker and more convenient because you don’t have to drive anywhere. A win-win, right?

Not so fast. While the home workout is here to stay, there are a few things to consider to make the most of your new situation and some mistakes to avoid.  Let’s explore.

Limited Equipment

The first challenge for most home workouts is lack of equipment, especially when you’re used to the amenities that are available at the gym. It is still possible to train and achieve your fitness goals without the fancy machines.

Ali Ghani, an Edmonton entrepreneur and fitness advocate, suggests, “The easiest solution to a lack of workout equipment is to invest in a simple set of weights.  These provide enough resistance and variety for most beginners or seasoned athletes, without compromising space.”

You may want to consider purchasing some other simple items like resistance bands, a jump rope, and a yoga mat, as well.

Training Program

Without the help of an on-site personal trainer, it’s quite possible you’ll be uncertain about how to carry out your workout program.  There is a solution, thanks to the internet.

“Today, there are so many online personal trainers, blogs, and YouTube channels available and can provide home workout programs with complete instruction on how to complete them. By simply doing a little research, you can stay on track with your regime and reach your fitness goals even at home,” explains Edmonton’s Ali Ghani.


When working out at home, it’s important to do it safely.  Much too often, people will skip the warmup process, which loosens the muscles and gets the heart rate pumping.  The most effective warmup is a two -step process – a general warmup that gently raises your heart rate and a more specific warmup that is tailored to your workout.

Fitness trainer Idalis Velazquez notes, “Equally important [to a warm up] is an effective cooldown stretch, which is more static in nature. It will allow you to lower your heart rate, alleviate soreness, and loosen tightness in the muscles.”

Find a Partner

What better way to use ZOOM than to workout with a buddy?   While working out alone has some benefits (it’s “me” time for many people), finding someone else who shares your goals and training style can be the boost you need to stay on track.

People tend to be motivated by the presence of others, and in turn, this makes them more likely to train harder. If you don’t have a fitness friend, you could opt to sign up for an online class.  You could even share your goals with others in a dedicated group online.


While home workouts can be great, it is easier to get distracted in the comfort of your own living space. Too many distractions can deter you from working out. The best piece of advice is to try and set a specific space and time of day to complete your workouts.  Over time, the repetition of this will allow your brain to get into the zone much faster. 

So, whether you want to lose weight or simply just want to stay fit and healthy, you can try and implement some of these suggestions. This way, you can achieve both a safe and effective training regime at home.