Difficult Decisions – 5 Questions To Ask Before You Settle On A Dentist

Choosing a dentist is an important task. They are there to keep an eye out for oral cancer, to prevent dental issues, and help treat dental pain and problems if they come up. These days, your dentist might also be the one you rely on for cosmetic dentistry work. 

To help you narrow down your choices and select a dentist you can truly rely on for a healthy, beautiful smile, ask these five questions: 

  • Can you afford their services?

When it comes to the cost of dentistry, It is important not to just go for the cheapest option. What you’re really looking for is the best value option. To get an idea of the clinics offering fair services, compare dental prices to get an idea of how costs vary in different areas, clinic types, and between treatment types. The more research you do, the more informed you will be, and this will give you the best possible chance of getting a top-quality treatment to suit your budget. 

  • What do they specialize in?

If you have a specific dental need, it’s important to make sure that the clinic you choose is able to help you with it. For example, if you have ongoing gum disease, you’ll at least want a good hygienist and an experienced periodontist. At the very least, you’ll need them to be able to refer you for periodontal treatment elsewhere if you need it. Don’t be afraid to ask what a clinic’s capabilities are within different areas of dentistry. This will help you choose the right place for your individual needs. 

  • How long will you have to wait for an appointment?

The average wait time to see a dentist in the US is around 5-7 days, though this will usually be reduced if you have a dental emergency. It is a great idea to check the average wait times for a clinic you might be interested in. If there are very long wait times, you will likely find that to be a problem in the future, especially if you have a large family you want to attend the clinic too. If the clinic is new and the wait times are not very long, you should allow for those wait times to get longer as the clinic’s customer base grows. 

  • Do they have a good track record?

You can get references directly from the clinic, but you will likely only get good references and testimonials because that is just good marketing. For unbiased information about a new dentist, you’ll need to hit the web. Look on forums, social media, review sites, Google maps, and blogs. You can then make a balanced decision based on what you see. 

  • Are they a member of the ADA?

A dentist that is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA) agrees to work under a specific code of ethics and professional conduct. This code is always being reviewed by the organization. 

By choosing a dentist who works within the ADA guidelines, you are choosing a clinic that prides itself on respecting its patients, on keeping patients healthy, and on being fair. They also have the ability to access constant up-to-date information, resources, and guidance. For help finding an ADA dentist, you can use the ADA dentist search tool

Using the tips above, you can get closer to choosing a dentist who helps you and your family enjoy healthy, happy smiles for life.