Does Massage Therapy Help Reduce Anxiety?

Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissue and can help sore muscles by toning them and relaxing them. There are many different benefits of massage, such as better sleep, the release of stress, improves the circulation of blood, improves the skin tone, and so much more.

A massage can be given using your hands, elbows, feet, or an electronic device specifically designed for giving massages. Anxiety, on the other hand, is a mental health condition being faced by many nowadays. There are many reasons for which one can have fear, those reasons can be the death of a loved one, a recent accident, harassment or rape, and so much more.

There are many different ways through which anxiety can be treated, amongst which one of the most effective is talking to someone about your problems or whatever you think is causing you anxiety. Anxiety keeps you in a state of fear of whatever is about to come or what will happen; constant overthinking keeps the brain busy and under pressure, which can cause other problems such as insomnia.

Does massage help reduce anxiety?

Yes, massage does help in reducing anxiety. There are many different things, such as losing sleep, tension, and constant sore muscles. Massage can take it all away. Massage can help release the hormone endorphin. Endorphins are the happy hormone or the pain killer, these hormones are issued when the body exerts, and they are responsible for making you feel so glad.

There are many different things with massage, such as a balanced diet, a steady sleeping schedule, working out thrice a week, and trying to stay away from the negative energy of anyone that tries to bring you down in your surroundings.

There is another hormone cortisol that, if produced rapidly, can increase anxiety and feelings of anxiousness and depression in a human being. Still, an hour of massage can reduce production and helps the human body relax.

If you take massages twice a month, there is a good chance that you will be less anxious and happier, but if you take massages regularly like twice or thrice a week, then there are higher chances of you not having anxious or depressed thoughts. Moreover, massage can make you feel better in different ways that anxiety takes away. A massage can do the following things,

It can make you feel connected

When a person has fear, they try to isolate themselves. Isolation can make them lose connection; the loss of connection can be in different ways. For example, you may stop going to parties, you may stop meeting people, and you may stay away from hanging out with people. When you are feeling anxious, there are chances you may lose the connection you have with yourself too.

Massage can help feel you connected not only with yourself but the person who’s touching you too. Touch is powerful, and when you are contacted, and your anxiety is leaving your body, that is where you can feel connected or have the craving of being connected with people, friends, and family again.

It can repress feelings of anxiousness and depression

When an individual is depressed, and they have anxiety, there is a higher chance of them feeling bad and being negative. A massage can take your mind off such negative things by relaxing you when the human body is relaxed; it can sleep well, and it can be calm.

The brain is likely to go towards the negative thoughts, but if we stop it by fighting the negative thoughts, then wonders can happen. Therefore, a massage can give you the strength to fight such negative feelings.

Better circulation of blood

A massage can help you lose weight and improve the flow of blood. There are different types of massages for different body parts. While massaging, it is evident that a certain amount of pressure is put onto the human body; that pressure can help increase the circulation of blood even in congested areas when the pressure is released the blood flow is increased.

Better distribution of blood is excellent for older people, but if they can’t take or like massages, then you can get them a massage chair. You can search online for the best massage chair 2020, and after a brief survey, you can buy them one so that they can experience this luxury.

Better sleep

One of the things anxiety affects in a big way is the sleeping schedule. An individual can become insomniac due to anxiety, and that can cause the individual to lose their concentration and can lead them to be cranky and irritated. A massage helps you sleep better due to the relaxation it provides, which eventually helps reduce anxiety and improve concentration.

Better immune system

Due to the body being relaxed and happy due to the massage, it produces more white blood cells which are responsible for fighting whatever virus that attacks the body. Also, due to the reduction in the production of cortisol, the feelings of anxiousness and anxiety are reduced.

Is massage a permanent solution to anxiety?

Massage does help in the reduction of anxiety, but it must not be forgotten that massage is not a permanent solution. A massage can help reduce anxiety, but it cannot help finish anxiety.

To complete anxiety, you must consult a doctor for they can help and suggest different ways, many different solutions for anxiety such as exercise, yoga, meditation, a proper sleep schedule, and therapy are some tested techniques that need to go hand in hand so that positive results can be seen in time.

Massage for anxiety

Today, many people suffer from anxiety but not for all the same reasons. Humans are frustrated and must be helped by trusting each other; therefore, if you see a human that is suffering from anxiety, don’t run away from them.

Be happy

Try to be friends, listen to their problems, and try to be the hand they are looking for. You have no idea what a helping hand can do to a person suffering from anxiety and depression. Everyone deserves a healthy, happy life, and by lending a hand to a person going through a rough patch in their lives will not only bring them towards their healthy life but will also take you towards the happiness you deserve- Happy helping.