Easy Ways To Add More Fiber To Your Diet

Eating enough fiber not only speeds up your lower digestive transit, it can also help you to stay healthy.

The good news is there are some relatively easy ways to add more fiber to your diet. Here’s how:

Eat More Vegetables

One of the first things you should do is to eat more vegetables. They are full of fiber and are low in calories. Some vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli contain prebiotics. Understanding the importance of prebiotics can help you to have more fiber in your diet.

Enjoy Eating Fruit

Fruits should be consumed every day. Not only do they contain essential nutrients they also contain fiber.

Some of the most fiber-laden fruits include pears, apples, berries, and figs.

Enjoy eating fruits as part of a snack. They’re very tasty and easy to take anywhere with you.

Eat at least 2-3 portions of fruit every day. Try to alternate the fruit you eat so you don’t become bored of the same flavors and textures.

Consider Taking A Fiber Supplement

If you need to add a lot more fiber to your diet a supplement may help.

It might be worth speaking to your doctor about a potential supplement.

Some supplements work better than others so it’s worth asking about them.

If you don’t wish to take a supplement, you may wish to opt for other high-fiber foods.

Foods such as these include small fiber-filled cakes, candies, and cookies.

Try To Avoid Fruit Juice

Some fruit juices are delicious. However, they’re not always ideal if you need to have more fiber in your diet. Fruit juices can:

  • Be expensive
  • Be full of a surprising amount of sugar
  • Fail to contain as much fiber as they would have before they were juiced
  • Be full of carbohydrates which isn’t ideal if you’re on a diet

It’s OK to have a little fruit juice from time to time. However, you should ideally look for other sources of fiber.

Snack On Some Nuts And Seeds

Nuts and seeds are not only high in essential oils they can also contain fiber. Nuts such as almonds are very high in fiber so they’re worth eating now and again.

You can snack on nuts and seeds should you wish to. However, you can also add them to many different dishes.

Some nuts and seeds are ideal for adding to salads. They can add a different texture which can be ideal if you’re eating a soft salad.

When you eat more nuts and seeds you’re likely to have more energy. You may even discover just how tasty some of them are, for the first time.

Enjoy Eating Some Berries

Most berries are delicious and they tend to be one of the most fiber-rich foods around. Some of the most fiber-rich berries include:

You could consider adding the above berries to some salads or breakfast cereals. They can add interesting flavors to your meals while ensuring you get the fiber and nutrients that  you need.

Eat More Legumes

Legumes such as lentils, dried peas, and beans contain a lot of fiber. They also contain vitamins and minerals as well as carbohydrates and protein.

Just one cup of cooked beans can have as much as fifty percent of your daily fiber. This is why it’s worth consuming more beans and other legumes.

Consider replacing meat with some legumes at least once a week. If you do, your meal is likely to contain more fiber and nutrients while still being quite tasty.

Enjoy Some Avocados

These days, more and more people are eating avocados. This is because avocados:

  • Can help to reduce your chances of suffering from diabetes, stroke, and heart disease
  • Can be added to salads and in place of butter
  • Can be enjoyed as a side dish or even a main dish

Additionally, one full avocado contains up to 5 grams of fiber. This is why it’s worth considering eating an avocado at least once a week.

There are some very easy ways for you to add more fiber to your diet. The good news is there are a lot of tasty foods out there that can help you.

Consider adding some or all of the above foods to your diet so you have enough fiber in your diet. When you do, you’re much more likely to feel better. You’re also more likely to have an improved lower digestive transit.