How to Find Quality Verified CBD Oil

The CBD craze is only in its beginning stages. With the country-wide legalization of CBD, lots of brands have decided to take up the development and sales of these products.

An increase in supply means a lower price, a wider choice, but also products of suspect quality. You need to be aware that an expanding market is also a breeding ground for fraud.

How to discern between Verified CBD oil and unsafe products? In this short guide, we will give you everything you need to know to see if a CBD oil brand is verified or not.

Find out where their hemp was grown

Even though CBD oil is sold in its liquid form, it comes from the hemp plant. Like every living organism, plants can be influenced by their surroundings.

In the case of hemp plants, you can’t ignore the factor of the soil. If the soil is tainted by heavy metals, poisonous herbicides and other substances, the hemp plant will use the soil for nutrients anyway. If there are toxins in the ground, be sure that there are toxins in your CBD oil.

To find quality verified CBD oil, you need to research the brand. Some brands, like Verified CBD offer detailed information about the origin of their CBD oil. Respective brands have nothing to hide, so you should be able to know everything about the product. Aim for organic, independent farms, as they provide the best CBD oil for all purposes.

Check the concentration levels of CBD

CBD oil, like many other products, can be watered down by other substances. In this recent CBD boom, there are a lot of malicious people trying to sell watered down products for profit.

A large majority of CBD users doesn’t know this and they fall for the trick. To find quality verified CBD oil, you have to look at much more than just the quantity of oil. The number you’re looking for is the concentration of CBD oil within the product.

If a brand doesn’t list their concentration of CBD on the packaging, then it’s surely not verified CBD. If there are two CBD oil products both at 1000 mg, one can theoretically contain 5% CBD and the other can be at 35%+. Checking the concentration is also essential for determining the right dosage for you. For first-time CBD users, it’s essential to know just how much CBD oil you’re ingesting.

Is the product lab tested by a third party?

Lab testing is everything in today’s science and medicine. It’s also an essential criterium when looking for quality verified CBD oil. Before a product is used in real life, it has to be lab tested for any adverse effects on the organism.

Every quality CBD oil brand should have at least several certificates for being safe for use, verified by reputable third-party laboratories.

We can’t emphasize “third party” enough. To find quality verified CBD oil, you need to research the lab in question. Many pharmaceutical companies have launched their own CBD oil products. This wouldn’t be a problem if they also didn’t own their own labs. This loophole is hard to detect but puts you at risk from ingesting improperly tested CBD oil.

Make sure the laboratory is a verified, third-party organization, with no affiliate ties with the manufacturer. This information isn’t hard to come by. Every laboratory is legally obliged to state their affiliation, so you should be able to get the information quite easily.

How was the CBD oil extracted?

CBD oil isn’t a finished product. Instead, it’s a product of extraction. As technology developed, so have the many ways of extracting CBD from the hemp plant.

Both in terms of quality and efficiency, not all methods of extraction are the same. Perhaps the best and cleanest methods of all is CO2 extraction. While products synthesized by this method are the most expensive, they are the safest for you and contain the most potent CBD oil.

CO2 is a safe substance and doesn’t leave any toxins within the CBD oil. On the other hand, methods such as ethanol or butane extractions are much more dangerous and don’t yield the same results.

Every verified CBD oil brand should be able to provide detailed information about their products and how they were extracted. If they are unable to comply, then you should disregard the brand completely. There is no point in risking your safety.


A boom on the market created an increase of interest for CBD oil. However, it may be hard to find quality verified CBD oil, as there are a lot of frauds. Remember to do your research, gather information carefully and have your health in the best interest. Safety is the priority and it always should be.