Why Green juices are Safer and Healthier than Fruits?

There has been a lot of discussion regarding whether or not green juices are good for us. We are already familiar with the advantages that we get by drinking fruit juices.However, recent years have shown a huge growth in the demand for green juicing. People have been going on liquid diets in throngs in an effort to lose weight. Green juices are especially helpful in allowing your body to detoxify and remove all the negative elements which typically lead to bad health. Giving your system a break from heavy workload on a daily basis and feeding it to these healthy juices has become popular now. There are several reasons why vegetable juices are so much better than fruit juices and they have been discussed here.

Sufficient fiber

One of the most obvious differences between fruit juice and vegetable juice is the amount of fiber you get from each. Fruits rarely have enough fiber in them to fulfill the body’s needs sufficiently. Green vegetables have an abundance of fiber which is necessary for the detoxing process. The body uses the fibers to push out all the wasteful products from the body. Fruits, which already have a limited amount of fiber in them tend to lose that fiber whenever we squeeze them for juice, making green juices a clear winner here.

Nutritional fulfillment through easy consumption

Vegetables are probably one of the important parts of our diet. However, unfortunately the amount of consumption that we have for vegetables is generally pretty low. With green juices you get to satisfy that requirement much more easily as they are easy to consume, thereby ensuring that your nutritional requirements are fulfilled sufficiently.

Alkaline properties

One of the biggest problems with fruit juices is that almost all the juices have acidic properties which means you have to be careful about which one to drink, especially if you are someone with issues like stomach acidity, reflux problems etc. Green juices are almost all entirely alkaline in nature and this helps a lot in striking a good balance of pH in your digestive system.

Rich in nutrients

Although fruit juices are a great source of energy and nutrients, they are nowhere near as abundant as vegetables are in some very key nutrients. And since there is no squeezing process we don’t get to lose any of these nutrients either and are able to retain the full benefits of the vegetables included. It is also no secret that vegetables carry some of the most diverse and advantageous collection of nutrients and bringing them together through this mix and match can really make it feel like an amazing experience on its own, both taste wise and in terms of nutritional value.

Controlling sugar intake

One of the biggest drawbacks of consuming fruit juices is that they are packed with sugar. Depending on the fruit you choose, there is a whole lot of fructose coming your way with each cup you drink. This can lead to a lot of health problems and create some very specific issues related to sugar intake (e.g. diabetes etc.) which can be a nightmare once contracted. All this can be avoided by simply turning towards green juices which are much healthier, sugar free for the most part and much healthier overall to consume.

Making the most of it

Bringing green drinks into your routine is a must if you want to truly begin taking large strides towards building yourself a clean and disease free future. Ensuring that your body is getting all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis is important to ensure that you stay strong and heathy even as you start to age.

Some people do find it difficult to switch to the green juice regimen but it does require a bit of experimentation. Each ingredient has its own taste and you should be ableto decide which style of mix works for you. A lot of people tend to add 2-3 different types of ingredients to create their own mix of flavor and nutrients and we suggest that you do the same. With only a few experiments you should be able to find a combination that works best for you.

Final verdict

The truth is that finishing this debate between fruits and vegetables is quite impossible, at least for now. New research will keep on showing us what the latest findingsare in each category in terms of benefits. However, while that is done, we should definitely focus on gaining the maximum nutritional value by using what we have and creating a diet that contains the said juices and is overall beneficial to our health as well.