How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally | Glowing Skin Secrets

If your body is fat and flabby, your skin will be flabby; if a bad diet robs you of vital food nutrients, your skin will show it. If you haven’t moved a muscle in exercise in years, the tone of your skin will be practically non-existent.

So the answer to how to get glowing skin naturally is that you can change the way your skin looks, even though you can’t change your skin. First, make sure you’re in top physical condition by checking with your doctor. If constipation is one of your troubles, ask him to help you overcome this; stomach upsets have a way of dimming a complexion.

Glowing Skin Secret #1

A good diet works from within to clear up a bad skin.

If you’re overweight or underweight, a good diet that eliminates and cuts down starches and sweets, but is rich in vitamin-bearing foods like fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, is vital to skin health.

A good diet works from within to clear up a bad skin. Exercise works the same way by stimulating you into working up a healthy sweat (inelegant, perhaps, but beautifying). The free flow of perspiration helps clean out your pores and stirs the skin to life. Exercise tones muscles and skin, gives your complexion that firmness and healthy look that make the difference between an attractive complexion and a stunning one.

Well, here you are, eating like a beauty and exercising like mad. You’re drinking lots of water and thinking healthy thoughts, and still no results. What next?

Well, there’s the question of sleep. As you sleep your body carries on a kind of repair job. Your skin catches its breath, so to speak, and gets ready for the next complexion-damaging day. if you have searched foe how to get glowing skin naturally, here is the answer, You need eight hours (experts say some people need less or more, but that’s a good average time to aim for) every night, not just once a week, when you’re enthused about your beauty routine, but every night, night after night.

Lack of sleep muddies your skin, deepens circles under your eyes, and causes little tension lines to start forming. Fresh air and sunshine are important to your skin. Make sure you let your skin have a field day in the open air occasionally.

Take long walks (great for the figure, too) without makeup (well, maybe a bit of lipstick), letting the walk stir up circulation. Get out in the sun, but don’t go overboard. Many a bad complexion starts with what a girl fondly thinks is a good tan. Let other girls toast to a deep mahogany shade; you be content with a lighter tan and a better skin.

Every time you’re out in the sun, protect your skin with a sun-screening lotion. Wear a sunhat or carry a lightweight umbrella to protect your skin, and tell your over tanned friends that real beauty doesn’t depend on a faddish browning, but on the color of health and radiance.

We believe in makeup, but makeup is not a substitute for a good complexion. Complexion depends on a really clean skin.

Unless you are one of those rare individuals who are allergic to one of the ingredients of soap, there is no reason to hesitate about soap-and-water cleaning. Whether your skin is dry or oily, you can wash it, and should, with a mild soap or soap product used with water.

Before dunking your face, however, cleanse your skin with cream. The cream you choose will be heavy and rich if your skin tends to be dry; it will be a lighter cream if your skin has an oily tendency.

Apply it as you would a beautifying cream, dotting it on forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck (don’t ever forget your neck), and smoothing it over the skin surface. Clean it off with a tissue and then “rinse” with a second application of cleansing cream.

The first time you try the creaming method you’ll be shocked at the amount of dirt and stale makeup that comes off the SECOND time around. If you have any doubts that every trace of makeup has been removed, give your face another going over. New mascaras are so long-lasting (a duality you love during the day) that you may find it easier to use a sterile gauze pad dipped in cream to smooth and cleanse the eye area. This will be gentler than using your fingers

Indelible lipsticks present another problem area. Soft pads will do this removal job quickly and thoroughly.

A girl with oily skin will probably want to pat her face with an astringent lotion after cleansing, although if you’re planning to apply a night cream you may leave this step till after the washing operation and subsequent creaming.

Now for the wash. Use warm water and a fine washcloth (if your skin is dry), or a complexion brush (if your skin tends to be oily).

Suds your face thoroughly in little circular motions, going over every inch of your face and neck. Even if you’re combining your face washing with a shower or bath, treat the face and neck area as a separate unit, creaming the soap into your skin more thoroughly than on other parts of your body.

Now rinse, with the tap running a supply of clean, clear, warm water, or under the shower spray. Just as you should rinse your shampooed hair long after you are sure all the soap has been removed, rinse over and over until every last bit of soapsuds is washed away.

Next pat your skin dry. Don’t rub hard; skin is delicate and vigorous rubbing will hurt it. Now, does it feel and look wonderful?

Glowing Skin Secret #2

How often should you wash your face to get glowing skin naturally?

Oily skins stand washing as often as three or four times a day: on rising, before bed, at lunchtime, and perhaps before dinner, until the regular sudsing helps to normalize the flow of oil.

A girl with a dry skin might plan to wash only once or twice, using cleansing cream for the other “wash” times. But the minimum for every girl who wants to be a beauty is a thorough daily sudsing.

There are hundreds of face creams on the market, everything from simple cold cream that serves as a cleanser and a lubricator to specialized creams for eye areas, for moistening, for dry skin, for oily skin, for disturbed skin, until shopping for a cream can set you in a whirl.

How much you pay for a cream depends on your budget; you can find quality at every price. Whichever preparation you buy, just make sure that it’s the right cream for your type of skin.

Naturally, the years bring changes in every woman’s skin. Creaming your face every night for years will not preserve your skin in a perpetual youth, but it will keep it looking groomed, with a smooth look that is obtainable in no other way.