Great Food For Your Health

“You are what you eat”. That is a popular saying about your diet. My guess is that everyone knows that your diet is an important part of your health. There is a saying that we will remain the same person 10 years from now, the only things that will make a difference in us are the books we read and the people we meet. While this is quite true, what they forgot to mention is that what we eat also makes a difference. There have been many nice-looking and athletic people who let themselves go in their diet and ended up looking so big and obese that they had to have a “non-cosmetic” liposuction. That is, they had liposuction because their doctors were worried that their obesity had gotten to a level that if nothing is done quickly, they may be in serious health crisis. I have seen documentaries and heard news of people who got so obese to the extent that they were bedridden and needed someone else to take care of them. We all know about the various stuffs bad nutrition and obesity can cause like hypertension, diabetes and so many serious health issues. The more attention you pay to the quality of your nutrition, the better the quality of your life will be.


Healthy foods:

There are many healthy diets that have been recommended by doctors and dieticians aimed at reducing weight and improving our health. While some of these food stuffs are the essentials and provide us with decent levels of vitamins and other important nutrients, some are actually superfoods that in addition to giving us decent quality meals, they have medicinal benefits. Here are some tips as related to each nutrient class.

Fats: one thing that may surprise many people is that whether you want to lose weight or not, you still need a decent amount of fats. There are essential fatty acids that you need in your body because they assist many of the biochemical processes in our body such as the formation of cholesterol. Also, if you do not take enough fats in you diet, fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K will not be able to get into the body in enough quantities. Our advice is to take healthy fats like unsaturated fatty acids found in fish, avocado pears and vegetable oils; and avoid the unhealthy junk fats like trans fats and saturated fatty acids found in margarine and animal fats. Unhealthy fats can lead to obesity and cardiovascular issues.

Carbs: this is another important food class to watch out for because carbs and fats contribute the most calories (though fats contribute more than carbs). If you want to lose weight, you may want to step down on calories. Keep your carbs and fats to a minimum but balanced level. Also, avoid simple refined sugars, it can lead to serious health consequence.

Proteins: eat decent amount of proteins in your food and make sure it is balanced. Animal proteins are more complete than plant proteins. You should try to have a good blend of animal and plant proteins is okay for you

Vitamins: eat your greens and when you done eating, eat some more. They contain a lot of vitamins which are healthy for you. Fruits are healthy too but most sweet fruits also contain sugar which can add to your calories. So, be careful with those fruits.

Minerals: salts are very good for you as they form most of your electrolytes in your body. You should watch out for sodium content in salt and make sure you do not use too much salts. Kosher salt can help you reduce the amount of sodium you are taking in which is healthier for you. Also, do not take distilled water. Your well-treated tap water is an excellent source of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and some other important minerals.

Water: water helps you stay hydrated, it detoxifies your body system, and it helps many of the biochemical processes in your body go smoothly. Make sure you always take enough water.

We have covered the basics of healthy nutrition but what about superfoods? Superfoods are not special-formula “secret” foods that the FBI or government is trying to hide from us as some shady marketer would say. Superfoods are actually quite common foods with extraordinary benefits. The next section is about where you can get more information on them


The Livin3 blog:

Livin3 talks a lot about dieting and superfoods. Remember I made some mention of superfoods and explain that superfoods are more than just healthy foods, they also have medicinal benefits. For example, many vitamins are superfoods. Vitamin K is well-known to prevent and control bleeding and is even used in medicine for that. Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids from fish are known to be good for the heart and brain. Do you know how turmeric, green tea, ginger tea and other superfoods contribute to your health? Do you know their benefits? Why not check out the Livin3 website for more information on these superfoods and how they can be of great benefit to you. For example, ginger tea is a very good choice for nausea in motion sickness or in pregnant women. It is quite effective in curbing vomiting than some medications. Turmeric apart from being a spice is known to have a powerful effect in reducing pain and swelling and it also helps in some types of cancer. There is more information on that in the Livin3 website. I think you should check out their recommendations for great cardio machines and other dieting and health-related information.