Our very favorite Candies – Our Enemies

(After EVERY lunch/dinner, we often shout) “Hey… Where are candies?!!!!”

Many people (in fact – ALL) like to indulge in a candy bar now & then, but doing so on regular bases has so many negative effects on our health. Our very favoirite candies are not just high in sugar but also contain a huge quantity of unhealthy. Moreover, they are high in calories as well. They often contain no nutrients. Thus, this makes them empty calories that contribute to health problems. About $3 billion is spent on candies each year at Halloween alone, reports the Journal Broadcast Group. Cutting them from your life will keep you healthy and fit.

Today, we will try to stop you from consuming this (enemy-)favourite anymore. Here are some of its side effects:

Weight Gain

The ingredients which are used to make candies are full of calories. Chocolate, caramel, sugar (in huge amount) nuts & nougat are several examples of ingredients which are used to make candies that are high in calories &, in some cases, fat. Eating so many calories each and every day results in weight gain if you can’t burn them off. An average of 60 percent of the sugar which people consume is stored in the body as fat, reports the Evolving Wellness. To keep your weight under control & still enjoy candy, choose “fun-size” versions & stick to one piece. A king-size Snickers bar has 55g of sugar & 520 calories, while one Reese’s Peanut Butter cup only has 9 gram of sugar and 110 calories.

Reduces Nutrient Intake

If you’re filling up on candy, you leave a very little room for nutrient-dense foods that support health. Candies contain no vitamins & very small, if any, amounts of minerals. This means you’re satisfying hunger but doing nothing to meet daily nutrient intake requirements of yours. Furthermore, high sugar intake robs you of much needed nutrients, for example calcium. Your body actually on each and every condition need such nutrients to digest sugar. This then contributes to the development of nutrient deficiencies, including vitamins A, Vitamin C, iron, & calcium as well. This is major reason of a variety of health problems, including anemia & a lowered immunity.

Tooth Decay

Eating overmuch candies leads to the development of cavities. Sugar in them plays a large role in this process because the bacteria which causes the cavities feeds on sugar. The more sugary candy you have/eat, the more this harmful “creature” is able to multiply & damage your teeth. The Evolving Wellness notes that eating lots of candies also plays a role in bleeding gums & losing teeth because sugar allows bacteria to damage teeth & surrounding gums, leading to corrosion & deterioration. Taffy, caramel, & other chewy candies stick to teeth, eroding the enamel & leading to decay.

Increases the Risk of Disease

High-calories, high-fat & high-sugar diets are responsible for your whole health conditions. Large amounts of sugar contributes to insulin resistance. This can cause diabetes. Sugar takes away and extract calcium from bones, making osteoporosis a worry. Eating a lot of candies – which are not just ruch in sugar but fats too – increases risk of heart diseases, obesity & depression. These candies are actually Poor diets. Thus, they lower the effectiveness of the immune system, making it easier for the body to succumb to a virus. Most of these conditions play a role in development of others. For example, being an overweight person increases your risk of heart disease & diabetes 50 times.

Intake Limit & Healthier Alternatives

The American Heart Association evaluates that added sugar intake should be limited to ย half of discretionary allowance, which is roughly 110 calories or 5 teaspoons a day for women, or 160 calories or 8 teaspoons a day for men. There are few natural alternatives which you can eat that have no added sugar. Like: Raisins & dates mixed with nuts or dried fruit. Be careful and aware that even though these products have no added sugar, they’re still high in sugar content, especially dried fruits which are condensed.

So, no candies from today. Because life not sweet-tooth – which mostly aches at midnight – is important.


(Without candies,) Happy healthy life! ๐Ÿ™‚