Overcoming Addiction in Castle Rock

Substance misuse disorders are very difficult to cope with.  Sometimes, even the signs of it are not super obvious.  We might not notice until it is far too late and we are deep in the throes of addiction.

Luckily, there are resources to help.  Finding a rehabilitation center is vital to our care and overall health if we are struggling.  While we might not want to admit that we need that help, it is always good to remind ourselves that there is assistance available. 

To understand what you might want to look for in a center, though, you’ll probably want to know the warning signs of substance misuse disorder.  They might not be obvious at first, which is why I’ll talk about them now.

Mental Health and Addiction

If you’re looking for a brief overview of this topic you can check out this article here from the government’s Mental Health page: https://www.mentalhealth.gov/what-to-look-for/mental-health-substance-use-disorders.  That being said, I will also explain some of it.  After all, sometimes the psychological jargon might be difficult to understand.

Now, substance misuse disorder is officially recognized as a mental health disease.  This is important to think about because it means there are lots of resources to help us learn about it. After all, mental health is incredibly important even if it isn’t as visible as physical health.

People suffering from substance misuse disorders often have symptoms such as a lack of motivation, anxiety, depression, and lethargy, and a tendency to self-isolate.  You might also find that your personal relationships are suffering.

Sometimes there is comorbidity between substance misuse and other mental health disorders.  This can blur the lines between what someone might be suffering from.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to pinpoint the underlying issue in this sort of situation, especially because it can be hard to admit that you have an addiction.

Similar Symptoms

One of the most comorbid types of mental health issues are substance misuse and panic disorders.  General Anxiety Disorder, otherwise known as GAD, is fairly common in the United States and globally.  Unfortunately they are not just co morbid – they also tend to co-occur.  If you’re looking for some detailed statistics you can find them here.

Tragically, many people who suffer from a serious mental disorder also suffer from a substance misuse one.  If you’re wondering, the government defines a “serious” mental health problem as something that can significantly impair your life within the past year.  If your mental illness is diagnosable and prevents you from functioning in some way, it falls under this umbrella.

Many people who have one also end up turning to addictive drugs.  It is not the typical story you might expect, of the stereotypical person with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who is prescribed Adderall becomes addicted.  Rather, many people try to drown out the pain of something like major depressive disorder via addictive substances.

Sadly, this is a slippery slope.  Nonprescription opioids are particularly prevalent in this community, which is highly unfortunate.  This group of people is at higher risk for developing an addiction.

Physical Health and Addiction

You might think that these symptoms are more obvious.  You are partially correct.  That being said, it might be hard for us to notice these on our own.

One of the most subtle symptoms in this category is appetite change.  You might feel hungrier or less hungry depending on your own physiology and the drug in question.  For example, someone using cannabis might find that they are more hungry than usual.  However, if you’re using a stimulant or opioid, you might be less hungry.

We might consider weight loss to always be a positive thing, however, this is not necessarily the case.  If you are losing weight at a rapid pace or it is unusual or unintended, this might be a sign of an addictive substance having on impact on our physical well-being. 

A loved one might notice this before us.  However, because many addicts have a rocky relationship with the people in their life, they might not feel comfortable or even have the opportunity to say something.  If it is pointed out to you, it’s probably a good idea to keep it in mind.

There are other manifestations of course. Some of the most visible ones are blood shot eyes or abnormally large or small pupils.  There might also be strange or unpleasant odors from someone’s clothing, breath, or the spaces they are in.  Think about it – you almost instantly know if you enter a smoker’s home.  Other substances have similar hallmarks.

Finally, you might notice some strange speech patterns.  Stuttering, slurred speech, or tremors in the hands can be signs in someone.  This is particularly true if these have onset rather suddenly.

Finding a Center

I’ve talked a lot about the symptoms of addiction.  However, I think that it’s really important to know how to find a rehabilitation center.  There are many options for Castle Rock rehab centers, so it’s a good idea to do your research!

First, you might want to consider whether your insurance will cover your treatment.  Most insurance companies in the United States are now legally required to cover rehabilitation services.  This is largely due to the opioid crisis in the country.  Give your insurance provider or center of choice a call to inquire.

Otherwise, there are plenty of things to consider in your choice.  Atmosphere, for example, should be a big part of your sort of filter for a center.  Make sure there are friendly and welcoming members of staff who will still provide firm boundaries and the stability that is so important in a rehab program.

A clean, bright atmosphere will probably be best.  You might also inquire about COVID-19 protections as well, if that is something important to you!  Overall, there are many things you’ll want to consider before you check in.

No matter where you choose, you should be proud of yourself.  Seeking out help is really hard sometimes.  It’s a big step to consider rehab services in the first place.