Simmering Stress: 5 Tips for Eliminating Chronic Stress

Stress seems to have become a natural and accepted part of everyday life. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it can encourage us to work harder and achieve more. However, chronic stress is no good as it can negatively impact your mental and physical health.

While we should all strive to reduce harmful stress in our lives as much as we can, this can be easier said than done, especially when you’re so used to running full-steam-ahead. To reduce chronic stress in your life, heed the tips below.

1. Figure Out What Stresses You Most and Eliminate It

It’s important to figure out what your main stressors are and then work to reduce or eliminate them. For example, if you’re often up at night worrying about how you’ll pay your tax bill, consult an income tax calculator to determine how much you’ll owe. Then, plan accordingly so you’re confident you’ll have the money you need by the time it’s due.

You may not think it’s worth the time to do such things, but stress is tricky like that. It can help you run on adrenaline for a while, convincing you that you’re fine. Then one day, you just can’t cope anymore. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for this breakdown to occur before you take action.

2. Talk About It

Sometimes, all you need to do to find relief from stress is to talk about what’s bothering you. Whether you get helpful advice or not, just unloading your burden can make you feel better. Talk to a close friend, family member, or a qualified therapist. You can even talk to yourself. Many people do – just be sure you’re being positive in your comments to yourself and not putting yourself down.

3. Take Time for Things You Enjoy

We know you’re busy, but taking time to do something you enjoy can really make a difference in how you feel, both mentally and physically. You don’t need to spend a great deal of time on this. Even a half hour can be beneficial. Read, crochet, watch a movie – anything that’s relaxing and enjoyable to get your mind off your worries and onto something happy.

4. Make a Conscious Effort to Slow Down

You may not think you have time to slow down, but you do. Indeed, it might make stressful times a lot easier for you. Make a conscious effort to slow down by:

  • Driving in the slow lane during your commute to avoid road rage situations.
  • Setting your watch ahead by 10 minutes so you’re always on time rather than late.
  • Breaking large projects into small jobs (i.e., if your inbox is full of emails that need attention, commit to answering just a few at a time – the rest will still be there later).

5. Eat Well and Get Plenty of Sleep

Today’s modern world often doesn’t allow for healthy eating and sleeping. Our bodies weren’t designed to live on fast food and four hours of sleep a night, both of which can contribute to poor mental and physical health. So, try to make time for cooking meals at home using healthy foods.

Set a sleep schedule that allows you at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Only you can ensure you’re making good choices to stay healthy and happy, and starting with a well-balanced diet and plenty of shut-eye is a great idea.

Stress isn’t always a bad thing, but when it’s a constant in your life, it can be harmful to your mental and physical health. The tips above should help you reduce or eliminate chronic stress in your life.