Cannabis 101: Top Benefits of Consuming Edibles

Edibles are considered the most convenient way to ingest cannabis and its therapeutic effects. Especially the older generation prefers edibles to avoid smoking and vaping. And for people with certain medical conditions, edibles might be the only way to take marijuana.

This is because edibles offer precise dosing that can be controlled per the user’s health requirement. Besides, they taste delicious, at least compared to oils and tinctures.

In this article, we explain the top benefits of why edibles make the most prioritized choice for cannabis users.

Edibles are Healthy and Easier to Use

Out of all the methods to consume cannabis, edibles are now touted to be the healthiest option, especially for medical marijuana patients.

Edibles provide a smoke-free alternative to people who want to avoid the harmful effects of smoking cannabis. Moreover, these are mouth-watering products, are super handy, and can be consumed discreetly.

There are different types of boost edibles, such as gummies, candies, baked goods ( brownies and cookies), and beverages that you can use for several medical purposes. These include stress relief, anxiety relief, pain relief, and even cancer.

Edibles Induce Potent Effects

Cannabis edibles are infused with cannabinoids, particularly CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).CBD is acknowledged for its therapeutic properties, while THC is popular for its psychoactive properties.

When you consume an edible, be it gummy or candies, THC gets processed in the liver and gets transformed into a more potent form of THC, 11-hydroxy THC. Now, this form can take anywhere from 30 -120 minutes to kick in the effects.

Although edibles may take a significant amount of time to get the results, the effects also stay for an extended period of time in your body. Hence, beginners should be careful here.

The effects of edibles also depend on various factors, including the dosage, age, tolerance level, and the user’s metabolism and endocannabinoid system.

Edibles Provide Consistent and Precise Dosing

The most crucial reason edibles enjoy a dedicated following among cannabis users is their convenience. Thanks to the widespread legalization of cannabis across the US, licensed cannabis producers are now focusing on providing dosed edibles in different varieties of flavors and recipes.

Whether you go for gummies or capsules, you get control over the dosage, which also ensures that you don’t get too much of the compound. Even if you buy cannabutter or cannabis oils, you get the chance to measure the product and make edibles at home.

Speaking more about the dosage, experts advise beginners to go slow and low with cannabis products, including edibles. For instance, if you’re a newbie and are curious to try gummies, start by eating one at a time. Wait for at least two hours before taking another gummy, just in case the first one doesn’t work for you.

Final Thoughts

While, in recent years, there has been some evidence to prove the efficacy of cannabis edibles, the scientific community still insists on conducting a lot more research on cannabis and its long-term effects. Till then, make sure to be smart and patient with your cannabis consumption.