These Devices Can Keep Strengthen Heart Health

In the past few years, the subject of pulmonary embolism (PE) has gained a worldwide audience when the condition affected notable famous people and world-class athletes. These incidents involved medical emergencies with Hillary Clinton, Serena Williams, and Regis Philbin; to name a few. This potentially life-threatening condition doesn’t discriminate, it can literally strike suddenly, affecting every gender, different age groups, and cuts across racial divisions.

But there are developing therapies, which offer hope and promise, as a new way to prevent and treat this disorder. Pulmonary embolism is classified as blockage of the primary arteries. The subsequent obstruction causes red blood cells and platelets to back up in one spot, resulting in a partial or complete thrombus. Another way of saying it is when healthy blood flow is interrupted. In plain English,” thrombus” means blood clot.

Healthy Heart vs. PE

Healthy heart function is the essence of life. Pulmonary embolism therapy stops the condition from becoming acute or life-threatening. Scientists have developed devices to help strengthen heart tissue and keep blood pumping/flowing, without restrictions. The devices work when other medical factors are taken care of first. For example, the three divisions of the PE risks. The classifications make up a portion of predicting mortality rates for each division. There’s low risk, submissive or medium risk, and massive or high risk. A number of contributing factors lead to acute PE, however, there’s always cautionary symptoms, such as hypertension, swelling in the legs, calves or thighs, coughing or sharp, stabbing pains in the chest.

Medical Devices to Strengthen Heart Health

Clinical diagnosis of pulmonary embolism begins by ruling out other similar conditions. In 2014, EKOS Corporation developed an ultrasound device for pulmonary embolism therapy. The device, the EkoSonic Endovascular System infuses fluids selected by the treating physician, directly into the blood vessels of the heart (vasculature). In a minimally invasive procedure, a tube is inserted into arteries, which releases the fluids into the blood clot, causing it to disintegrate. This innovative medical device strengthens the arteries and dissolves the thrombus.

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The EkoSonic Endovascular System received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance after a unique randomized controlled trial. Besides, ultrasound-assisted thrombolysis, other medical devices include rheolytic embolectomy, suction embolectomy, and thrombus fragmentation.


A Fit Body, Better Heart Health

One way to make optimal heart health is by adopting a consistent workout routine. Well, that and maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall. Ideally, you want to reach your target heart rate, this falls somewhere in the range of 75 to 80 percent. Why is this so important? Because according to the medical experts, this helps you to get the most benefit from exercising. It’s really simple, research confirms that the top three categories for heart health are, cardio/aerobic, weight training and isometric exercise.

Exercise strengthens the heart and thus decreases the risk factors associated with major incidences of PE. The FDA is fast-tracking ultrasound “drill” tools, which allows for the breakdown of blood clots before the risk level rises to massive. PE devises aid in heart health support, by adding exercise, it becomes a multi-layered approach. There’s also a timelessness cause, a window to discuss the formation of blood clots, with your physician, as soon as the symptoms are recognized.