How to Live a Healthier Life in Toronto, Canada

If you live in Toronto, you might feel that the hustle and bustle of city life makes it difficult to live a healthy life. However, nothing is too large a goal if you’re really focused on it

Start Small

There is no need to overhaul your entire life and start a new schedule. This kind of thinking will prevent you from doing anything at all because you’ll reduce the plan to an all-or-nothing approach. Think of health as a long-term investment and understand that change is slow. Start with one step at a time that suits your routine and go from there.

Get a Friend on Board

It’s always easier to do something when an accountability partner is doing it with you. Pick a friend, a coworker or family member that has a similar routine as you and brainstorm healthy changes you can make together. Then, you’ll both have each other to answer to and will be much more likely to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Make a Daily Checklist

Make a checklist that you can tick off from every day. It can include small things like drinking 8 glasses of water, having one meal with a lot of vegetables, doing 30 minutes of cardio, sleeping at least 7 hours and having a healthy breakfast. Not only will this consciously remind you of the small things that often get overlooked, ticking them off will also give you a sense of achievement and spur you on in your journey.

Sign Up For a Meal Delivery Service

A meal delivery service can significantly help you achieve your health goals by creating meals that have less carbs, more proteins, more vegetables and portion control. Additionally, the fact that meals will be delivered to your house will prevent you from indulging in temptations in grocery stores and fast food outlets. ActivEats is a Toronto healthy food delivery service which you can sign up with to begin your health journey.

Get an Event in Mind

While the weight in no way is a measure of health, reducing weight is an important health goal for those who are above healthy categories. If you are one of those people, it can be helpful to have an event in mind and work towards looking a certain way or feeling a certain way on that day. It can be someone’s wedding, your birthday, a work event – the important part is that you let it motivate you to where you want to be.

Eat From Smaller Plates

Usually, we let our hunger rule when ordering or plating food. Because of this, we’ll get huge plates and fill them up with food we rationally know we don’t want but that our stomach is yelling at us to get. If you start eating from smaller plates, you’ll be forced to reduce the consumption of food at every go. When you go to refill your plate, your brain will be forced to think whether you’re really hungry for it, and if you’re not, you won’t be pushed into overeating just because there’s food left on the plat.

Use Supplements to Boost Your Health

No matter how much we try and diversify our eating habits, there are some nutrients it is difficult to source from the average Toronto’s residence life. Supplements for such nutrients, such as magnesium, turmeric and vitamin B-12, can be important additives in the form of supplements that can help you feel better, detoxify your body and give you an additional boost of energy that you were unlikely to get from a regular diet. While supplements should not be excessively overused, a moderate and regulated amount of supplements can lead to some big changes in your health over time.

Start Avoiding Soda

Something as simple as cutting off sugary drinks can go a long way in helping your health. It’s better for your hydration, bones, teeth, blood sugar, energy levels and kidneys. If you’re an avid lover of sugary drinks, you can let yourself have one at the end of the week, and the focus on that will help you avoid the temptation throughout the rest of the week.

Shop From a Grocery List

Instead of wandering the aisles in search of what you need, shop from a grocery list and make sure not to let your attention be diverted by any item that is not on your list. To help your willpower, you can place one snack on your grocery list, and then you will find it easier to ignore the rest of the temptations and zero in on the stuff that you actually need, not stuff your hungry mind is saying you need.

Even if you enact these changes in small steps one at a time, you will see a significant change in your health very soon!