Top Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking!

Every year millions of individuals worldwide die from tobacco use and second-hand smoke. Many adults quit smoking after a certain age. Knowing all the harmful effects of its use, surprisingly every day, thousands of youngsters still choose to pick it up for the very first time. Smoking harms and damages the body in numerous ways, also contributing to many chronic diseases and illnesses. You surely know all these facts before, but you still refuse to quit it? Here we have compiled a list of reasons why you should quit smoking!

Why do you want to quit?

If you are a smoker, then surely for once, this thought must have crossed your mind that you are too late for this to quit. It will be of no use. But remember that it’s never too late. Commitment to quit smoking is hard. If you have only committed to quitting, that too is a very big thing for a smoker. Everyone knows how problematic it is for a smoker to quit. But if you decide to quit with a proper plan, it may not be that difficult. First of all, contemplate all the reasons why do you want to quit?

·         Do you only want to save money?

·         Do you want a healthy lifestyle?

·         Are you tired of this?

·         Do you want your social circle to get better?

·         Do you want to end this for your loved ones?

Making a list of all the motives why you want to quit will help you a lot. Keep it along with yourself. Whenever you crave smoking, just a glimpse of the list will help you remind how important it for you to quit.

Some Effective Reasons to Quit Smoking:

There are many great reasons when it comes to quitting smoking. The sooner you end this, the faster you will heal. Just understand that why quitting comes with a lot of secret benefits. Here are some top reasons that can somehow keep you motivated to be smoke-free.

1.      You Will Save Money:

Finance is a big reality. Burning your money for lightening up your cigarette just to destruct your body? It’s totally not worth it. Every year government continues to increase the taxes. This raise in prices causes smokers to reduce the intake of tobacco. However, some people continue to smoke. Not only the expense of buying cigarettes but also your health expense will start. Quitting smoking will save both your money and health.

2.      Improves your sense of smell and taste:

Longing for food to smell and taste good? Encourage yourself to quit. Many people suffer from this issue once they start smoking. This also depends on what ingredient you are using to smoke. Nowadays, the trend of smoking CBD hemp flowers and CBD vape juice is also increasing. This is a highly addictive and strong drug that can cause a sensation of euphoria. Many ex-smokers find their sense of taste and smell back and enjoy eating much more than before.

3.      You will start to sleep better:

Once all the unwanted toxins are out of your body, you will gradually start to feel better and more relaxed. If you are a cigarette smoker, you might have witnessed that you often feel unrested after a night’s sleep. Sleep disturbances are mainly due to nicotine in your body. Additionally, many smokers also complain that they snore. So, quitting will help to reduce both the frequency and loudness of the snoring. Altogether, you will experience better sleep and also get rid of snoring.

4.      Health Effects:

Nicotine affects nearly every organ of your body. From your eyes, brain, skin, teeth, heart, pancreas, lungs to the stomach, the damage is really bad. Its long-term use will also lead to many chronic diseases such as heart attack and cancer. The most common cancer the smokers suffer from is lung cancer. It all starts with difficulty in breathing and end ups in lung cancer. And it might end up taking your life, just like in most of the cases.

5.      Discoloration of your teeth and fingers will go away:

Are you also experiencing stains on your teeth and discoloration on your fingers? You are right, and it’s because of smoking. To avoid discoloration on hands many people switch to electrical cigarettes like vape and CBD vape juice, read more about it here. Although vapes are also harmful, they cause comparatively less damage to your body. Moreover, you don’t face problems such as nicotine-stains on fingers and teeth with the vape.

6.      Second-hand Smoke:

Don’t ever become a reason to affect your community negatively. By smoking, it is not only harming you but also your loved ones. Second-hand smoke is the smoke that comes out of the smoker’s mouth and from the other end of the cigarettes. Passive smoking also results in thousands of deaths every year. To everyone who exhales, this air is slowly going into the danger zone. So, by quitting, you will have an internal peace that you are keeping your loved ones safe.These reasons are only a few of why you should quit smoking. The most important thing is that you will extend your life span. So, don’t just think that you will quit it after a certain time. Just do it and see the results.