Why Hair Changes During Pregnancy-And What You Can Do About It

Pregnancy brings about a new life into this beautiful world. During your pregnancy, your hair will be flourishing greatly because your body is producing the hormones needed for the baby. Therefore, you receive some of it which boosts the overall health of your hair. It will bring your hair to an optimally healthy state. However, after you give birth to your bundle of joy, it is normal for your hair to begin to shed. The shedding is simply caused by a lack of hormones since your baby is now born. However, do not be alarmed. This is a temporary phase that will pass.


Your Hair Quality During And After Pregnancy:

During Pregnancy – Most pregnant females will notice that their hair grows faster while they are nesting their future child. According to science, the female body is producing more estrogen hormones. The increase in estrogen causes a prolonged period of the growth phase (Anagen) of your hair’s life cycle. Therefore, you may experience a huge growth spurt of hair. Many women notice their hair growing rapidly in other places than their scalp. Ladies, you may have to shave a lot more frequently than you’re used to. Once the anagen phase is prolonged, it reduces the shedding stage, which is called telogen. While you are pregnant you will notice little to no shedding at all. Also, not only does your length change but so does your hair texture. Your hair will become stronger and lustrous. In addition, it will be free of tangles, knots, split ends and single strand knots. Not only will the glow be in your face and body, but it will show in your hair.
After Pregnancy – However, after your baby is delivered, your hair quality will quite possibly change almost instantly. 40% – 50% of women will start shedding during their post-par tum period which is called “Telogen Effluvium”. Usually shedding would be noticed 3 to 5 months after giving birth or when you stop breastfeeding. Why? The body is now producing estrogen at its normal level. Therefore, your hair has entered into its normal hair growth cycle. Since your hair has not been shedding from about 3 months into your pregnancy, it sheds heavily after you give birth. Your hair has entered into the resting phase, telogen, of the hair life cycle. In addition, you may have bald spots and/or thinning hair which may cause moms to become insecure especially if they are used to having long hair. Medical practitioners inform moms and moms to be that the stage is not serious enough for them to receive permanent hair loss or permanent bald spots. This is a temporary process that most moms go through after giving birth.
You may be wondering if this can stage can be avoided. Unfortunately, no, because most women go through this period. However, the effects can be reduced if you use the right products. You have to be using the correct hair products to maintain the overall health of your hair during as well as after your pregnancy. One option is the Hair Restoration Laboratories’ Hair Restore Shampoo and Hair Restore Conditioner Set (available at www.hairlossdhtshampoo.com). This Set contains all the ingredients needed to maintain the health of your hair during pregnancy. In addition, using it after your pregnancy will help to retain the health of your hair as it prolongs the growth phase of the hair, reduces shedding and provides your scalp and hair shaft with the nutrients needed for optimally healthy hair.
Remember, you are not the first nor will you be the last pregnant women to go through hair shedding. However, by taking the necessary precautionary measures, after child birth, you can reduce the impact of this temporary period.