Why Does My Throat Hurt When I Swallow; Home Remedies For Scratchy Throat

Scratchy throat is the problem of the throat due to which many people visit the doctor. Scratchy throat is very common to everyone and it occurs when the infected air passes through the area. The air that is contaminated will consist of bacteria, pollutants or dirt and viruses that damage the tissue in the throat. Scratchy throat is otherwise called as pharyngitis which results due to the swelling of the mucus membrane present in the lower part of the pharynx. In this scratchy throat, tonsils and the soft palate might also get swollen. The throat is said to be sore when it is painful while swallowing something and when there is a sensation of burning and throat tightness. The mucus membrane of the throat might be releasing some secretions or it might be dry.

The scratchy throat indicates the swelling in the pharynx as well as in the back of the throat. This occurs very often when the person suffers from cold or influenza attack. Most of the scratchy throat is caused by streptococcus bacteria which infects the pharynx. Scratchy throat can be of viral or bacterial. The streptococcus scratchy throat is found to be common in teenagers and in children though it affects all people irrespective of age and gender.

Scratchy throat causes maximum discomfort though it is not a very serious condition. Scratchy throat which is chronic is observed to be due to the allergies and due to the condition called as mononucleosis. The real cause of the scratchy throat has to be estimated and the appropriate treatment for it has to be given. If the scratchy throat results from an allergy, eradicating the allergy will find a remedy for the scratchy throat problem.

Generally, antihistamines are prescribed as nasal sprays and gargling solutions. Several antibiotics are prescribed for its treatment by the doctors. But, the scratchy throat has become so common that the people have totally become dependent on the medications to obtain comfort immediately. If they completely depend on the chemical products for long time, it may show ill effects on the health of the person. The person might have chances for developing bacterial resistance for the antibiotics that were used.

Symptoms of Scratchy throat

Usually the back of the throat at the time of beginning of scratchy throat will have a scratching sensation, pain due to the swallowing and even tenderness in the neck region.

The symptoms that appear for scratchy throat comprises of

  1. Cough
  2. Runny nose
  3. Sneezing
  4. Laryngitis
  5. Mild Fever
  6. General Fatigue
  7. Swollen lymph nodes
  8. Bad breath
  9. The lymph glands become swollen, red and tender
  10. The white patches or pus formation in the throat
  11. Inability to swallow and difficult to get healed naturally and immediately
  12. The scratchy throat along with headache which might be mild or severe
  13. Inflammation of the tonsils
  14. Skin rashes
  15. Blood or saliva in the phlegm
  16. Reduced urine flow, exhaustion due to dehydration
  17. vomiting

Scratchy throat Causes

  1. The common viruses that can cause flu and blisters in mouth and throat.
  2. Breathing through mouth.
  3. Smoking will make the throat dry and sore.
  4. Due to the drainage of the sinus.
  5. Infections of bacteria caused by Streptococcus and Arcanobacterium haemolyticum. The latter causes scratchy throat in young people and will lead to reddish rashes.
  6. Due to the treatment by antibiotics, chemotherapy and medications for thrush.
  7. Scratchy throat that does not subside even after two weeks, it can be due to AIDS or throat cancer.

Natural remedies made at home for Scratchy throat (Home remedies)

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using mango bark

The scratchy throat and various disorders of throat can be solved using mango bark. The local application of the fluid that is extracted from the mango bark is done to observe some relief with useful results. This extract is observed to be also useful for gargling in the throat. The gargle solution is made by adding ten milliliters of extract of fluid in 125 milliliter of water.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat with the help of “Belleric Myroblan”

The “belleric myrobalan” is the herb that can offer a valuable remedy for scratchy throat. The mixture with two grams of fruit pulp, half tea spoon of long pepper powder, quarter tea spoon of salt and two tea spoons of honey is used for the management of this medical condition.

The fruit can be fried first and roasted along with the wheat flour. This fruit is used for curing the scratchy throat.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using Bishop’s weed

The scratchy throat in an acute condition can be treated with the mixture of the powdered seeds of this weed with salt and water for gargling purpose.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using cinnamon

The scratchy throat that has resulted from cold is managed effectively by cinnamon. The scratchy throat condition can be treated efficiently by taking in one tea spoon of coarse powdered cinnamon mixed with water, powdered pepper and two spoons of honey. Extreme relief can also be had when two drops or three drops of cinnamon oil is added to a tea spoon of honey.

The scratchy throat relief can be brought very quickly and effectively by using cinnamon, ginger and honey. The ginger and cinnamon are considered to be having healing characteristics and are utilized extensively in natural medicines and traditional preparations for the home remedy of scratchy throat and other throat infections.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat with the help of Fenugreek seeds

The gargling solution prepared from the fenugreek seeds is considered as an efficient natural treatment for the scratchy throat. In order to synthesize this solution, fenugreek seeds taken in two table spoons are mixed with one liter of water that is cold and boiled on a low fire for about 30 minutes. This solution has to be cooled later to the stable temperature and utilized totally for gargling purpose.

Fenugreek seeds were observed to be an important constituent of traditional medicine. It has been part of traditional medicine since a long time among Egyptians and still longer time in earlier days of India. The healing ability of these seeds is due to the most of the contribution provided by the seed ingredient like Diosgenin. Diosgenin is present as the constituent in steroids and it offers the antiseptic feature and anti-inflammatory features to the fenugreek seeds. Hence, the remedies for scratchy throat prepared with seeds of fenugreek provide very effective relief from scratchy throat.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using Henna

The scratchy throat is cured with the henna leaves. The decoction of leaves of henna can be used for gargling.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using Holy basil

The use of basil leaves are found to be useful in curing the scratchy throat. The water mixed with basil leaves has to be taken as drink and utilized as gargle for getting relief from scratchy throat. Holy basil is an ingredient that is used in large quantities by researchers who are investigating on the medicinal properties of the plant and in herbal medicine.

The basil leaves possess an essential oil which is powerful with properties like carvacrol, eugenol, caryophyllene and methyl eugenol. The above mentioned constituents      provide the leaves of the herb an antibacterial effect and healing effects. These effects were popular in treating the scratchy throat.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using Kantakari

The Kantakari herb is used for acting as remedy against scratchy throat as its extract can be used as gargle. The extract of this herb can be formed by cleaning it properly and boiling it in two liters of water.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using Liquorice

The plant Liquorice is considered as a well-known home remedy for scratchy throat in the entire India. The raw liquorice must be chewed in order to treat this condition. This herb has healing property, which resolves the swelling very quickly.

  • Cure of Scratchy throat using Sage

Sage is an effective treatment for scratchy throat. Handful of leaves from sage plant has to be mixed with half a liter of water and boiled. Vinegar and honey also can be added to the mixture. This mixture can be used for gargling purpose by taking in one teaspoon of this mixture.

The oils and tannins that are present in the sage offer the plant astringent and antiseptic properties. Sage is considered as one of the home remedies for scratchy throat which is effective all over the world. The tea prepared with sage and chamomile is herbal based and is effective.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using tea decoction

The decoction that is prepared from tea leaves is very much useful in the treatment of scratchy throat. The tea decoction can be used for gargling purpose by adding a pinch of salt in it. This decoction is used twice or thrice every day for getting relief. Fresh leaves are not compulsory to be used for this purpose. The boiling water can be added to the tea leaves that are already used and can be utilized for gargling.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat with the help of Tamarind

Tamarind is used also in the treatment of scratchy throat. The tamarind water is utilized for gargle. The infusion of bark and leaves of tamarind are used for preparing gargle solution to treat scratchy throat.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using Raspberry

The phlegm in scratchy throat can be removed by using raspberry tea gargle. This gargle solution can be prepared by adding a cup of boiling water in two tea spoons of dried raspberry leaves. This is allowed to stand for a period of 10 to 15 minutes. This mixture can be cooled and utilized as gargling solution. This solution can only be used for gargling and then spit out without drinking.

  • Treatment of scratchy throat using turmeric

For the allergies and scratchy throat, the gargling solution can be prepared by mixing a cup of water with half tea spoon of salt and turmeric. This solution can be used for gargling at least two to three times in a day to bring effective relief from the scratchy throat.

What to take for a scratchy throat

All fruit diet

The person who has scratchy throat has to be on the diet consisting of orange juice and water for about three to five days. This is done based on the intensity of the condition. If the symptoms are subsided, then the person has to be on fruit diet all through the day for about three to four days again.

Fruits help in this process of healing the scratchy throat as they have good nutrients like vitamin A and C as well as antioxidants. These substances are known to heal the soreness and improve the immunity of the body which helps it to battle against the infection in the natural way. Some of the fruits which increase the irritation by heavy acid content in them have to be avoided.

Well-balanced diet

The diet that has seeds, raw vegetables, nuts, fresh fruits, and grains has to be opted for taking at the time of scratchy throat. The foods and drinks that are enhancing the medical condition and reducing the healing process have to be avoided like fried foods, junk food and oily foods. Avoiding such foods can bring relief to the scratchy throat to some extent.