Can Teeth Whitening Make You More Attractive?

When you see someone up close, or when you look at photographs with people smiling, what is the first thing you notice?

It is the teeth!

For most people, naturally, the first thing they focus on in any face is the teeth. If there is a piece of spinach stuck somewhere on the teeth, you know you cannot ignore it. Therefore, there is no arguing that teeth are a very important part of our appearance. Your smile can make the first impression a memorable one – whether good or bad. In the past, there have been surveys that proved that people selected those with straight teeth as more attractive than people with damaged, yellow, or gapped teeth.

Now, the consensus is that teeth are very important for a good presentation. Good teeth can boost one’s confidence because they improve our looks.

Most people ask dentists – “What can we do to improve our smile without having to opt for a permanent cosmetic treatment?” The most common short-term treatments that do help are dental veneers and teeth straightening.

Teeth Whitening for a Bright and Fresh Smile

If you know that your teeth are not straight or misaligned properly, but you do not want to opt for veneers and straightening, then teeth whitening is a great idea. Your teeth will become discolored or stained over time, and anyone would notice it. Teeth whitening is a quick treatment and can transform your smile in no time. You can always visit the nearest or reliable dental practice in your area to get teeth whitening. It is an affordable fix as well.

Types of Teeth Whitening Options

Every dental practice recommends different teeth whitening options based on their experience and your budget. Some are effective and long-lasting, others are expensive, and some are affordable. Which one you would like depends on your budget and preference. You must discuss the options with the dentist before going forward with treatment.

Teeth Whitening Home Treatments

Most people use the take-home teeth whitening treatments because they feel it is affordable. However, it is not always a good idea. The dentist would make impressions of your teeth and create the whitening trays for you. This makes doing it at home safer and better. You will eventually have to visit the dental practice to ensure that your teeth are fit for the treatment. Sometimes, these home teeth whitening treatments harm the gums in people with sensitive gums. It is always better to visit a dentist and let him or her do the treatment because a bleaching solution is involved. Once the dentist permits you to proceed to use the home teeth whitening option, you can safely use it.

Laser Teeth Whitening

This treatment requires visiting the dentist and getting into the dental chair. The dentist will administer the laser treatment in different sessions to reach the desired shade of white for your teeth. You will need to be dentally fit for this treatment.

Some Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Is getting teeth whitening worth it?

Getting professional teeth whitening is safe and more effective. Mostly, it is worth it to go for the treatment. When professional dentists do it, the results are usually long-lasting. If done correctly – yes it is safe and worth the price.

Does teeth whitening weaken the teeth?

The most common concern most people have is if the process damages the enamel, thereby weakening the teeth. The answer is – No.

Teeth whitening gel does not damage or harm the enamel. After all, the enamel is the hardest tissue in the body.

What is the safest way to whiten your teeth?

The best way is to consult your dentist. They will recommend the best approach for you based on your dental health. The dentist will provide a color analysis to tell you why you lose the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Sometimes, people use over-the-counter products like whitening strips. They have different concentrations and may be easy to use. However, overuse of these products can lead to reduced teeth firmness. It is, therefore, better to go to the nearest dental practice and let the professionals do it for you.

Home remedies may be a good idea but you need to be mindful of those as well. Avoid chemicals and use them with caution. Overusing home remedies can only remove superficial stains, but do not make the teeth whiter. Overusing home remedies and whitening strips can make the teeth sensitive. If you have sensitivity in the teeth, it is wiser to visit the dentist to help you with teeth whitening.

Why are your teeth yellow despite brushing daily?

The main causes of the yellowing of the teeth are habits and diet. People who do not brush their teeth at least twice a day and before bedtime have yellow teeth. Frequent consumption of beverages like wine, tea, and coffee causes yellow teeth and discoloration. Smoking cigarettes is also a major reason in most cases.

Are yellow patches or braces stains permanent?

After braces, the teeth would have yellow stains and this can be quite embarrassing. The stain may disappear very gradually with proper dental care. However, visiting a dental practice to get the teeth whiter is always recommendable.

Can I make my teeth whiter with braces?

Those who use braces to straighten their teeth often have teeth with two tones. This happens because braces cover a section of the teeth for many days. Upon taking the braces off, it can be embarrassing to show your teeth in a smile. Naturally, cleaning the teeth becomes quite difficult with braces. However, the dentist can help with this after removing the braces. You cannot maintain white teeth with permanent braces on your teeth.

You can help yourself while having the braces on to prevent the teeth from becoming excessively yellow. Using non-fluoride toothpaste is a good idea. However, it is important to consult with your dentist. Sometimes, dentists may recommend floss threaders or orthodontic flossers, fluoride mouthwash, and water flossers as an option.

As you can imagine, having yellow teeth can be quite embarrassing. Therefore, if you are considering visiting your dentist for teeth whitening, then it is a great idea.