Expert Tips To Keep Your Nails In Good Health

Regardless of whether you enjoy spending a day at the salon getting a mani and Pedi routinely, enjoy DIY nail crafts at home, or prefer to keep your nails bare, there’s no arguing the importance of excellent nail health. Nobody wants to endure pesky hangnails, peeling nails, splitting nails, or other impacts of neglected nails.

And to help you keep your nails in good health, we’ve rounded up a few expert tips. Because it’s recommended to regularly take care of your nails, you should use these tips to formulate a nail care routine.

Avoid Harsh Nail Polish Products

Unfortunately, not all nail polish products are made equally, and as a result, some contain harmful ingredients. So, just as you should be cautious of the ingredients in your makeup products, you should also practice caution when purchasing your nail color products.

While you should avoid ingredients such as dibutyl phthalate and others, you can also opt for the straightforward solution of opting for vegan nail polish products as vegan products tend to contain more organic, less or no chemical, and fewer ingredients as a general standard.

Moisturize And Cleanse Often

You can’t achieve excellent nail health if you regularly clean your hands and keep them moisturized. And if you have sensitive skin, your best options are organic hand moisturizers.

Moisturising directly after cleansing is essential for skin and nail health, as dry skin can lead to tearing, cracking, and itching, even if you don’t have a dry skin condition. Furthermore, it is best to stick to hand lotions rather than regular creams as hand lotions provide more potent moisture and help strengthen the skin’s barrier function.

Prioritize Cuticle Health

Cuticle health is vital, as lack thereof will have your cuticles peeling, tearing, and drying out. And there are many don’ts in cuticle care, such as don’t pick, pull, or bite them. It is best to avoid these lousy habits at all costs, as they are quick ways to destroy the health of your nails.

Always be sure to clip hangnails with absolute care, moisture your cuticle area with a moisturizing or healing serum ointment, and remember to push your cuticles back gently regularly. If necessary, you can clip your cuticles with a nail scissor after pushing them back.

Remove Nail Polish Properly

Biting, peeling, or scratching nail polish off is a fairly common mistake that most of us have been undoubtedly guilty of at one point or another. However, these bad habits can damage your nails pretty quickly.

So you must remove nail polish correctly, using suitable polish remover for your skin type and cotton pads. Once the polish is removed, you should then follow with a nail care routine of cleansing the remover solution thoroughly, moisturizing with cream, and applying cuticle care serum.

Keeping your nails and hands in good health is as important as prioritizing hair of facial skin health. Adding a nail care routine to your weekly self-care practices is also a great way to pamper yourself.