How to Choose the Best Vaporizers

Vape juice or E-Juice is the liquid used in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers that produces the actual vapor for smoking. It contains nicotine but can be manufactured without nicotine-dependent upon individual preference. It can also be called the e-liquid. Most vaporizers heat up the e-liquid to between 400 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it into the vapor that you then breathe in. Since there is no ash produced in E-Juice the traditional methods of burning cigarettes do not produce any smoke.

Analyzing the Ingredients of E Juice

With so many varieties of E-Juice flavors to choose from how do you know what flavor to pick? First, you must analyze the various ingredients that makeup E-Juice. Most Wax liquidizer will list what type of ingredients are used to manufacture their E-Juice. However, the amount of each ingredient may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some may use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, some only use natural ingredients, and some may mix several different types of ingredients to create a wide and varied range of different flavors. Below are some common ingredients found in E-Juice.

Adding Your Own Customized Blend

Nicotine: A combination of nicotine and various other chemicals. Some manufacturers add other metals and additives to the nicotine strength. A great way to try different blends is to buy an E-JuiceJuice that has been created with your own customized blend of ingredients. You can even put your own name on the custom e-juice bar when you make it. This would be similar to buying an E Juice bottle with your favorite logo printed on the label. You can also buy vape juice online in different flavors and blends to sample.

Tobacco: A combination of tobacco and nicotine. Not all E Juice manufacturers include tobacco in their products but those that do may use a cheaper substitute for tobacco such as nicotine or a product called smokeless tobacco. The nicotine salts in these liquids may also be a substitute for the traditional chemical-based nicotine found in cigarettes. By using a smokeless tobacco product you’ll still get the kick you would find from smoking without the harmful side effects.

Vegetable oil: Used as a dab liquidizer in many of the more popular e-juices. In fact, most vaporizers will list vegetable oil as an ingredient on the label. This is because it is a great base to create different fruit and spice flavorings for your e-liquid. Just be sure to avoid using large quantities of vegetable oil as it could potentially destroy your equipment.

Fruit: A mixture of sweet fruits such as banana, lemon, and passion fruit. You can also use fruits such as apple and melon when creating your own e-juice ingredients list. Many people like to add some extracts and herbs such as cardamom, cinnamon, and peppermint to give their finished product an extra kick. By adding these additional flavorings to your liquid nicotine you can greatly increase the amount of vapor produced and thus increase the amount of pleasure you receive from it.

Butter Extracts: This is one of the common ingredients you’ll find listed as being in the vaporizer. The reason that so many companies are including this ingredient in their e-liquids is because of its hypoallergenic and health benefits. Propylene Glycol is commonly used as a stabilizer in a number of different types of food products including ice cream and sherbet. Many juices such as Apple Juice or Fruit Juice, do not contain this ingredient which is why some consumers are hesitant to try this alternative method for quitting smoking.

While it’s difficult to completely eliminate cigarettes from your life, you can greatly reduce your chances of becoming a smoker by experimenting with various alternative methods to help you quit. From using electronic cigarette devices or E-liquid to using different types of juice, there is a great deal of variety out there to try. If you’re looking for something that tastes good and isn’t harmful to your body, I suggest trying an E-liquid-based product. Vaporizing your own e-liquid is a great way to eliminate the need to smoke and enjoy your favorite flavors of e juice all day long.